Brazilian Soccer Schools to host grassroots soccer programme

16 Nov, 2019 - 00:11 0 Views
Brazilian Soccer Schools to host grassroots soccer programme

The Chronicle

Ronald Mashinga, Sports Reporter

BRAZILIAN Soccer School (BSS) is set to host a grassroots soccer programme today at Busters Sports Club.

BSS is an organisation which cultivates the principles of fair play, respect for opponents, develop, implement football intelligence and teamwork at grassroots level.

They provide football coaching to boys and girls aged from 5 to 18 years. 

‘‘The programme is under the theme, “Play Beautiful (Joga Bonito),”

The training is supplemented by an increased number of training hours, where through constant repetition, players can refine and improve both basic and complex skills. The skills include shooting, dribbling, passing ball control, among others.

The concept was founded 17 years ago in the United Kingdom and was launched in Zimbabwe last year.

“Our training philosophy, put simply, is for players to become technically competent with the ball, work to develop the required physical components before going on to excel in game situations,” said BSS in a statement. 

The philosophy of BSS is that the game should be seen as an individual pursuit and complete domination and mastery of the tool of the game.

For development, they use the smaller size two ball particularly at an early age to aid the development of individual technique. 

The ball provides the best skill-building environment for 11-aside football.

They aim to continue raising the bar of player development.

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