Bricks company beefs-up capacity to trim imports MacDonald Bricks Group financial director Mr Walter Zimunya

Michael Makuza, Business Reporter

CONSTRUCTION material producer, Macdonald Bricks, says it has expanded its production capacity at its Willsgrove plant in Bulawayo in its effort to meet demand for its products.

Speaking during a Macdonald Bricks ambassadors programme at the factory, group financial director, Mr Walter Zimunya, said the latest development will see the company producing more bricks thereby cutting bricks imports.


“Our part as a business is to save foreign currency by reducing imports through increased output to meet local demand. This plant and the other plant at Montgomery will see us producing more bricks thereby drastically cutting imports,” he said.

Mr Zimunya said when the country imports products such as bricks, it will be exporting jobs and foreign currency.

“It is against this background that we have expanded our production capacity so that many of those in the construction industry buy bricks locally as opposed to importing. This is import substitution which saves the country the much needed foreign currency,” he said.

Mr Zimunya said as a business Macdonald Bricks was seeking to partner the Government in driving the “Buy Zimbabwe Campaign”, which encourages people to embrace locally produced goods and reduce imports.

He also said the company was working on a project that will see it manufacturing stronger and durable products compared to most brands that are being imported.

Since 2011, Buy Zimbabwe Campaign has been on the forefront of advocating for the manufacturing and consumption of local goods to stimulate economic growth.

Mr Zimunya said the company will strive to meet local demand for bricks.

“As ambassadors (sales agents), we urge you to take the brand to greater heights,” he said.

Meanwhile, guest speaker Mr Ray Bhebhe who is an expert in building, said it is vital for the ambassadors to have knowledge about their bricks.

“We should be the leaders to educate our customers so as to give them confidence in our bricks. This will encourage them to buy locally as opposed to importing the bricks,” said Mr Bhebhe.

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