Bright future beckons for Future


But for Future Love Sibanda, one of the founding members of the multi award winning group Inkululeko Yabatsha School of Arts (Iyasa) , moving out of the group was one of the greatest achievements in his life.

Future  joined the group in its infancy at a tender age of 16 and was one of the backbones of the group. He saw the group mature like wine over the years to become an international brand that it is today.

The group which was formed at Mpopoma High School in 2000 by former teacher Nkululeko Dube, has become a force to reckon with in the showbiz sector and has stood the test of time.

Upon Sibanda’s departure in 2009 after a nine-year stint with the group, there were mixed feelings across the media with some citing poor remuneration while others saw it as a downfall of the group but alas the group is still as vibrant as ever.

Some may be wondering who Future is, but many would remember him as the comic in the group who particularly became more famous after his appearance in the video Banolila.

Saturday Leisure caught up with the Austria-based artiste who decided to quit stage for a while to become a professional artiste as he enrolled as a student in theatre and dance in the European country.

Sibanda, who was in the country for the festive season, said he dreamt of working with English stand-up comedian Sacha Baron Cohen in the future.

“My dream is to work with Sacha Bohen; he is my man of the moment.

“I love his comic theatre and I want to do it like him,” said the budding comic.

The shy artiste put up a great performance at Amakhosi Cultural Centre where he presented a 30 minute piece that probably left the audience with cracked ribs.

The multi-talented Sibanda who specialised in music and dance at Iyasa seems to have added a new genre to his creative works which is stand-up comedy.

The 28-year-old said he did not find any difficulty in crossing over to comedy.

“It was not difficult for me to do comedy, I remember the first time I did it in Austria, I was a bit nervous and did not know how the audience would react to it but amazingly they were amused and found themselves laughing and I eased up,” said Sibanda,

He said prior to his maiden performance he had researched on the culture and current affairs of the Austrian people because comedy is different to other art disciplines where the same content can be readily accepted by a different audience.

“Comedy is not easy, what can make people laugh in Zimbabwe cannot make people in Austria laugh so one has to be hands on and be fully fledged in the social, economic, religious and political way of life for the would-be audience,” he said.

Sibanda said he sometimes greatly missed the Iyasa family.

“I must admit I really miss home when I’m in Austria but mostly I miss the Iyasa family.

“We spent quite a lot of time together and we had become a family,” said Sibanda.

He said he is not shy only when he is on stage,

“I am a very shy person and when I am on stage that is when I am free to express myself.

“It’s just an awesome thing on stage,” said the nimble footed Sibanda.

He added that although he was a shy character he was a man of sober habits.

“I am very shy but I have never used drugs or taken any alcohol, I am natural,” he said.

Sibanda said after completing his four- year degree in dance theory he will proceed to study for an Honours degree in International Business .

In Austria, he has not only pursued his education but also took part in a number competitions and has also produced his own works.

He took part in the European Dance Competition (ESDU) and was crowned the best male dancer and got the chance to travel to Croatia where he competed with other dancers from across Europe.

He has so far produced two productions Sands and Captain Future which can be viewed on You Tube.

Meanwhile, his mentor, Dube said he was happy for Sibanda and challenged other artistes to grow and invest for their future.


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