Bulawayo and Chinese firm partner to  introduce facial recognition scan system Mr Witker Tholana

Pamenus Tuso, Business Correspondent
A BULAWAYO-based company Brains at Work Consulting (Private) Limited has entered into a partnership with a Chinese company, Clou Global Technology, to solely distribute the latter’s facial recognition system integrated with temperature scan.

The innovative Chinese-made product is already being sold in China, Europe, Nigeria and Mozambique as part of efforts to mitigate the risks of Covid-19.

Brains at Work Consulting recently signed a formal distributorship agreement with the Chinese company to exclusively distribute the product in the country.

“We have partnered the manufacturer to make this product available. This system is suitable for office areas, hotels, automatic gates, office buildings, schools, public services and other places where face recognition system and body temperature measurement are required,” said Brains at Work Consulting chief executive officer, Mr Witker Tholana, in an interview.

Clou Face and Body Temperature System can help recognise a person with abnormal temperature or who is not registered to enter at a particular place easily.

“Basically, this system was designed to mitigate the risks of Covid-19 in public institutions and individual households but the system can also be used to profile employees, clocking at work, to capture face data base for employees and can be integrated with security companies systems,” said Mr Tholana.

He said his company will provide the Application Programming Interface (API) for free to enable an interface to security systems. The local firm’s logo will also be embedded in the software system, he said.

The system also comes imbedded with a WiFi module and external hotspot module.

Mr Tholana said the system is affordable and it takes about a day to install.

“The device is fairly cheap and the price is almost equivalent to that of an I-phone. It takes a day only to install but it takes three to four weeks to deliver the gadget from China,” he added.

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