Bulawayo braces for Old Skool Friday reunion

06 Oct, 2022 - 00:10 0 Views
Bulawayo braces for Old Skool Friday reunion Emity Smooth with TonyFriday

The Chronicle

Simba Jemwa, Showbiz Reporter

HUSBANDS and wives, hire a nanny for one night and put on your dancing shoes! The local quartet of Mark Vusani, Babongile Skhonjwa, Joe Tha OG and Emity Smooth is hosting a “Back to the Old School Friday” with legends from Harare – DJ Kimble Rodgers, Tony Friday and TeeKay this weekend.

This smashing event will take place at The Place, a venue that has become the home of old timers and their dudettes for a night on the town.

 After what appears to be a routine for most nightspots that offer nothing, but just music and booze, The Place is moving gear up in hosting old skool parties featuring different club DJs. Old skool music is synonymous with mature audiences who come together to enjoy yesteryear music which is not always on rotation on the airwaves. 

 The Place which is one of the up-market hangouts in Bulawayo has become the latest venue popular for its mix of music from the days gone by.

The question that many music lovers had been asking was “where the hell Old Skool DJs had gone to?”

 Well, the good news is the fellas have introduced a new haunt, a serene environment in the lush gardens of Suburbs complete with a garden setting. 

 According to one of the organisers, Joe the OG, this Friday, the summer season is going to be crazier than any before.

“We’re looking forward to jamming at the joint and for the first time, we shall be rocking in the Suburbs, something that we’ve been wanting to do in a long time. For the uninitiated, we’re all about old skool flavours and will be taking people back into time this Friday,” he said.

 Mark Vusani echoed his accomplice’s sentiments advising patrons to prepare to dance all the way as seven DJs will be on rotation on the decks. 

“There’s no doubt that we’re going to bring down the house with selections of old skool music and world-class mixes,” he said.

 The pied piper of local Old Skool music, the ever-youthful DJ Emity Smooth said the feeling among music lovers was that the town has been a little bereft of old skool gigs adding that that will soon be a thing of the past.

Babongile Skhonjwa

 An elated Kimble Rodgers said everything was in place for the gig. 

“One thing is for sure: the party starts with Old Skool and it’s not like we’re back (old skool DJs) as we’ve been around looking for the right places to play, and we believe this is one of them,” he said.

 Rodgers who is one of the most sought-after emcees in Harare and has graced high-profile concerts added: “Music should bring people together and we’re hoping to see families and friends coming together to celebrate with us. The weekend shows will never be the same again.” – @RealSimbaJemwa 

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