Bulawayo rapper builds a house Orthodox Six standing in front of his five-roomed house in Pelandaba West

Mbulelo Mpofu, Showbiz Reporter
BULAWAYO hip-hop artiste Orthodox Six (born Oscar Utete) is doing what a lot of local creatives can only dream of – he is building himself a house!

It is common to see local creatives finding it hard to make ends meet, and Orthodox Six believes that scenario can be changed.

Orthodox Six, founder and brand owner of clothing label Kingsville Clothing is building a five-roomed house in Pelandaba West suburb and has vowed to be at the centre of any conversation where a successful Bulawayo rapper is discussed.

With a career spanning just under two decades, the Street Child singer told Saturday Leisure that for creatives to achieve what he has, “financial discipline is a must.”

“I have been in the hip-hop sector for quite a while now and it’s easy for one to lose focus along the way but having financial literacy is a must.

“It has always been a dream to make something of my craft and I realised that I needed to branch to other fields to multiply my revenue streams and that is when I established a clothing brand and today,

I’m reaping the rewards,” he said.

His clothing brand, founded a decade ago, has propelled him to success. He was a recipient of an award at the Pogues Zimbabwe Hip-hop Awards (2020) and was a nominee at the 2021 Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards (BAA).

Orthodox Six standing in front of his five-roomed house in Pelandaba West

Due to the Kingsville Clothing brand’s success, the rapper purchased a 365 square metre corner stand in Pelandaba West in 2016 and ever since, he has been developing it.

Fast forward to 2022, the stand has blossomed into a five-roomed house nearing completion.
Orthodox Six said his clothing brand was just one of many revenue streams he has managed to conjure up.

“Kingsville Clothing was the springboard to my various entrepreneurial endeavours that I engage in. I also have a transport and logistics company that helps me financially. The move to build a house and establish diverse business ventures was inspired by the spirit of being a landowner and growing generational wealth. One day, I will be no more, so for posterity’s sake, I had to do this,” he shared.

He encouraged fellow artistes to invest in start-ups to be success stories in the sector.

“I urge fellow rappers to invest in small businesses and be hustleprenuers to put food on the table and leave a lasting legacy for their children. Invest in your dreams, work now and shine later,” he preached.

Orthodox Six standing in front of his five-roomed house in Pelandaba West

Orthodox Six rose to prominence in the early 2000s when he signed his first recording deal with Mic-A-Blaze Studios in 2003.

He, later on managed to work with prominent artistes and producers in the city including the late Cal_vin, POY, Asaph, Maskiri, Murphy Cubic, MC Tytoh, P2DaOh and other creatives.

Besides music, Orthodox Six is a creative director for a television show Kingsville TV. -@eMKlass_49

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