Bulawayo Recording Tour ignites local music scene Tflow (left) and Cymplex (third from left) with some of the artistes who participated during the Bulawayo Recording Tour which was held last week in Bulawayo

Natasha Mutsiba

Last week, Bulawayo hosted a recording tour that allowed local artists to collaborate with renowned music producers Cymplex Music and Tflow Da Producer. The tour took place at Tycoon Ent studio in Mzilikazi and produced music in diverse genres such as Amapiano, hip-hop, Zimdancehall, and gospel.

Cymplex Music (real name Simbarashe Moyo), an award-winning music producer from Harare, who has worked with many musicians including Jah Signal, Freeman, Uncle Epatan, and the late Soul Jah Love teamed up with Tflow, a talented producer from Bulawayo, to bring a new creative spark to the local music scene.

The tour aimed to provide a platform for emerging artistes to showcase their talent and learn from industry experts.

Throughout the week, the recording studio in Mzilikazi was buzzing with energy and excitement as artistes from various backgrounds poured their hearts and souls into their music.

Renowned musicians who graced the recording included gospel artistes Mai Mwamuka and Vocal X.


The collaboration between the producers brought a unique blend of expertise and fresh perspectives, resulting in an unparalleled musical experience. The participating artistes expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to work with talented producers and highlighted the invaluable lessons they learned during the recording sessions.

They emphasised the importance of honing their craft and pushing boundaries. One artiste, Dice, shared, “From this tour, we got to experience some of the things that we didn’t know. Getting to witness the producers doing their thing was uplifting. Their input was very crucial in uplifting ghetto youths. I needed this experience because it has helped me grow as I now have a deeper understanding of music and fellow artists.”

Another artiste, Dot 6, said, “Working with Cymplex Music and Tflow was a dream come true. The tour showcased the immense talent present in Bulawayo’s music scene, with artistes from various genres coming together to create magic. Their guidance and expertise helped me to elevate my music to new heights, and I’m grateful for the chance to collaborate with such industry giants.”

Cymplex Music, known for his ability to produce chart-topping hits, expressed his admiration for the talent in Bulawayo.

“Bulawayo has an incredible pool of artists who possess raw talent and unique perspectives. It was an honour to collaborate with them and witness their growth throughout the tour.

We worked with many artistes, and I was happy to experience new talent and voices. In Harare, we’re used to working with people whom we know, but this time around, we worked with new faces, and the experience was good,” said Cymplex.

He promised that many projects and collaborations are yet to come out.

Tflow, a producer deeply rooted in the Bulawayo music scene, echoed Cymplex Music’s sentiments. “The tour was a testament to the immense potential within our city. I’m proud to have been a part of this journey and look forward to seeing these young artists thrive in the industry. We had a lot of fun, and there’s a lot that’s coming,” he remarked. —@TashaMutsiba

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