Bulawayo residents applaud the council’s decision to decongest the city centre and relocate businesses to Egodini Terminus Egodini Bus Terminus

Thokozile Mbedzi

BULAWAYO residents have expressed satisfaction with the recent decision made by the council to decongest the city centre and relocate businesses, including commuter omnibuses and other sectors, to the Egodini Terminus. The move has been met with enthusiasm, as it is expected to alleviate traffic congestion and improve the overall cleanliness and orderliness of the city.

Mr Wellington Dube, a vendor in town, welcomed the decision, saying:

“As a Bulawayo resident, I am pleased that some businesses will now operate from the Egodini Terminus. Our town will be less congested, as there were previously numerous activities taking place in the central business district, resulting in a dirty environment within minutes. This will also benefit us as residents, as Kombis parked in front of other businesses will now be relocated, ensuring clear access for customers in need of services.”

Cecilia Nyoni, who works in the city centre, emphasised the importance of peace and reduced noise in certain areas.

“There are sensitive places, such as doctors’ offices, laboratories, and other departments, that require a peaceful environment. All streets have turned into loading bays, car washes with loud music and vending areas. Such activities have disrupted work in these places, posing risks and disadvantaging others. I encourage everyone to cooperate with the city council’s decision to decongest the central business district,” said Mrs. Nyoni.

Ambassador Never Bonde also commended the Bulawayo city council for their efforts, saying: “I greatly appreciate the council’s decision to decongest our central business district. The city of Kings and Queens had lost its order and cleanliness due to the influx of motorists and vendors on the streets and pavements of Bulawayo. The opening of the new Egodini terminus is a step towards restoring the cleanliness and orderliness of our city.”

Ambassador Bonde acknowledged the joint efforts of the police officers and the Bulawayo City Council in implementing the new operational plan. However, he expressed concern about some operators overcharging transport fares and urged them to register their vehicles to comply with the newly established standards.

“The residents of Bulawayo are delighted with the progress of this project, which aims to eliminate illegal operators from the streets and ensure that only registered vehicles and vendors operate without congesting the pavements. The public is encouraged to use the newly designated bus stops for transportation and to avoid supporting illegal operations by boarding from unauthorised stops. Additionally, vendors and transport operators are urged to participate fully in the project by obtaining the necessary documentation to contribute to the restoration of the city’s appearance,” said Ambassador Bonde.

He expressed hope that the operation would extend to buses ferrying people from Bulawayo to other cities and international destinations, as these buses often contribute to noise and air pollution near offices. He extended gratitude to the city authorities for their efforts in improving Bulawayo and called upon all stakeholders to collaborate in bringing this vision to life.

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