Bulawayo tailors stitch their way to success Back to school Tagutanazvo Enterprises

Flora Fadzai Sibanda, Chronicle Reporter
INSIDE a small shop at the busy corner of Lobengula Street and 13th Avenue in Bulawayo’s city centre, some tailors are bent over their sewing machines. The only sound one hears is the squeaking of the sewing machines as their hands and feet work them.

They cut patterns to create different garments and every now and then they lift up the cloth as if to appreciate their efforts. The piece of cloth that is slowly taking shape of a dress is big enough to fit a six-year-old girl.

Welcome to Tagutanazvo Investments, a shop that serves as both a factory and a selling point for school uniforms.

From tailoring uniforms at home with only one machine, a couple from Bulawayo is a testimony that hard work and perseverance are essential elements of success.

Mr Francis Tagutanazvo and his wife, Helen, the owner of a fast-growing tailoring business in Bulawayo are a living example of a couple with a shared vision .

The couple owns a shop that supplies more than three local schools with uniforms and branded satchels.

They produce the uniforms based on orders and have built a loyal clientele from local schools and individuals.
The company also designs and makes bridesmaids dresses.

Mr Tagutanazvo said they have employed five workers who help with orders, especially during the peak times when schools are about to be open.

He said he started tailoring uniforms more than 30 years ago and the business has been gradually expanding.

Back to school Tagutanazvo Enterprises

Mr Tagutanadzo honed his skill at Bulawayo Clothing Company where he used to work before it was shut down.

He said after realising that he was not getting much from working for other people, he decided to start his own business.

“I started operating from home and a few months later I moved to a building in town. Over the years business has improved and I managed to engage five employees who help me meet orders. My wife also left her job to join me since the business is growing,” said Mr Tagutanazvo


Back to school Tagutanazvo Enterprises

Mrs Tagutanazvo said she was taught by her husband to sew back in 2015 when she left her job.

She said business has been growing and they are thinking of moving to a bigger place.

“I do not regret taking early retirement because the effort I have put in my business is worth it. This is a family business which is directly benefiting us and the workers are also guaranteed a salary every month” she said.

She said they were able to meet demand because most of their customers make orders in advance.

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