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TWO weeks ago, Saturday Chronicle published a top 10 list of the most beautiful women in the City of Kings and Queens. Women responded by demanding a list of Bulawayo’s most handsome and well built men.

This is our list of Bulawayo’s top eight hunks.

Miyamiko Lee

The big boy season has already hit and Mr Lee is definitely one of the faces of our big boys league. He is Head of Operation and Logistics at ICS Innotec Consultancy Services, founder, director and CEO at BLVK PEPPA Management

Busisa Moyo

It’s not only looks that make a man handsome, your attributes as a man to yourself, your family and the community do make you irresistible and striking. Mr Moyo presents that combination very well as a CEO, chairman, pastor, advisor, and family man. Busisa Moyo is a jack of all trades as he has invested in ministry, business, the community and family. He has proved to be hands-on and cannot afford to lose either of these pillars.

Master Eli

Master Eli is well known for capturing beautiful images of people and places. He presents himself as an DC, radio personality, sports analyst, cricket commentator, voice-over artist, creative photographer and multi- media specialist.

Oliver Keith

Oliver Keith

Everybody likes a good laugh and if you do not know this gentleman right here, that alone is a cause for concern. He is famously known for his short skits, especially the NaJesca season which are very hazardous to one’s sense of humour. He successfully created a name for himself and amazingly kept his talent in check. Model, comedian, actor, DC, humanitarian, brother, friend, uncle and traveller besides all this the brother does have some looks on him.

Maran Mzey

Chartered accountant, registered public accountant, entrepreneur and mentor this is all MONEY. Well, they say a man’s beauty is the size of his pocket. This gentleman went on and studied how to keep it safe and make it grow. Also takes time out to play a huge role as a father and a husband and for that, it’s an award.

Brian Samundombe

There is a reason he was voted Mr Fitness Bulawayo (bodybuilding). His fitness physique is a gift from God. From his height, shoulders not to mention arms, those toned features are definitely earned through bodybuilding.

Xolani Sibanda

Music and book reading keeps him going as he likes to try out different genres and books.

Based in the UK as a nurse and loves to travel when time allows.

Ben Chest

What is a handsome list of men without the one and only Ben Chest? Entrepreneur, Mr African Continent Zimbabwe 21, Mr Zimbabwe Brand Ambassador, top male model, actor, businessman, motivator, body fitness and host. There is undoubtedly nothing this gentleman cannot do that involves stage presence. He earned all these tag names through his hard work and after all his looks spell money.page1image3849248

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