Bullying pays off for SA based comedian

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Bullying pays off for SA based comedian Metty-iNtombie-emfitshane

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Yvonne Ncube, Showbiz Reporter
BULLYING has long been a notorious act among high school and primary school pupils. In the most tragic scenarios, victims go as far as committing suicide to escape the torture.

The unwanted, aggressive behaviour among school pupils that involves a real or perceived power imbalance, can be traced as early as kindergarten.

The effects of bullying can be long-lasting for victims and they include anxiety, depression, fear, loneliness and thoughts of suicide.

South African based comedian Metty-iNtombie-emfitshane was a victim of bullying, but she did not choose death, she converted her bullying ordeal into positive energy.

Born Methembe Bawinile Ncube, Metty was subjected to emotional bullying at a local high school in Hwange where she was mocked for having pimples on her face.

Metty’s friends abandoned her because of her acne and her sole company became her phone. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise because it marked the start of her professional career.

“It all started when I was bullied at school because of my pimples and black spots on my face. The bullying became too much. I could not endure it any more as I lost friends. I became secluded from everyone, I was a black fly in a bowl of fresh milk. I lost my self-esteem in the process, I was lonely, I needed someone to talk to but I never got one, everyone shunned me.
“As a result my only friend was my phone. I was always on my phone. That is how I started making jokes and sharing them online. People would relate and react to my posts. I was encouraged to continue posting jokes, people started reposting and sharing my videos because of this I started to accept myself slowly but surely. That’s how I became a comedian and a content creator,” said Metty.


Today Metty is a multi-talented entertainer. She is a dancer, choreographer, performing artist, comedian, master of ceremonies, presenter, photographer and content creator.

“Well, I started dancing at the age of 10 years and ventured into the music industry in 2020 because of the dream of wanting to dance to my own tracks. It has been a year since I ventured into music but already I am seeing differences not to mention that I am now on demand at different events. I have featured Poly da Nqoe, Mandla the comedian, MK, aboJimjuice and Mjava. I am working on a track with Barrack from Motion tellers,” she said.

Metty said her greatest inspiration is Moonchild and Kamo Mphela.

“I have succeeded in managing all these tasks because of dedication. It’s all about passion, I give myself time to practice dancing. I hardly sleep because I’m always working on perfecting myself in all the things I do. My lyrics are inspired by Moonchild while my dance moves are inspired by Kamo Mphela,” she said.

Metty urged anyone who is experiencing what she went through not to give up or consider ending their life.
— @SeehYvonne

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