Carl getting closer to ‘Cooking Class’ One of Carl Joshua Ncube's DIY braai stands

Mbulelo Mpofu, Showbiz Reporter
ZIMBABWE’s comedy poster boy Carl Joshua Ncube is readying a new culinary show which he believes will have an impact on the local hospitality industry.

Although he is still feeling the effects of cellulitis on his right hand, he is slowly recuperating, which means his hand is now in shape to handle things.

Cellulitis is a common bacterial skin infection that causes redness, swelling, and pain in the infected area of the skin.
Ncube is not new to cooking shows and things of that nature but he thinks “Carl’s Cooking Class” will be a game changer.

“I have done quite a lot of cooking shows in the past but with this (Carl’s Cooking Class), we are bringing something new whereby, I will be in a studio kitchen where everything is controlled. Previously, my culinary shows were aired from people’s various kitchens, giving it an inconsistent look and feel of the production itself where we couldn’t position cameras in more static positions to get better shots.

“So, it has mostly been like a live reality television, vlogging, and YouTube type of presentation but this time, it’s more of a professional setting where I will be having all the equipment that I need handy and I’m using recipes that viewers can quickly learn step by step. I’m glad to say that preparations are at an advanced stage to kick things off as the show will air soon,” he said.

His culinary skill has landed him a cooking role and satirical show in “Gango” and “Tonite with Carl Joshua Ncube” on 3Ktv.

He also featured on one of the most-watched YouTube food review shows the, “BestEverFoodReviewShow.”

One thing we have learnt about Ncube is that he is a shape shifter who can adapt to any environment and he has been growing his portfolio in recent years, adding acting and music to it.

The celebrity chef will also be pushing the Do It Yourself (DIY) narrative on his show which will air on new television station NRtv which is set to go live on air on February 1.

“Initially, my new kitchen DIY project was supposed to set up in my rural hut in Victoria Falls where we intend to construct a rural BnB but because of my cellulitis condition, we had to set it up in my mother’s veranda. It will be dismantled after shooting our cooking series.

“Class will be in session surely as foodies are set to enjoy insightful DIY lessons where I will be simplifying everything from building you.

Kitchen being set up for Carl Joshua Ncube’s new cooking show

Ncube believes dwelling much on his condition would synonymise majoring on minors as he has seen worse in life.

He is the guy who once had no fixed address, dwelling in a makeshift mobile home made from a modified bus, and was once depressed.

Some of the recipes to feature on Ncube’s show will be extracted from his cook book, “Chikafu.” – @eMKlass_49.

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