Carl Joshua Ncube to tour San Francisco Carl Joshua Ncube

Mbulelo Mpofu, [email protected]

CARL Joshua Ncube, the CEO and founder of Tech Innovation Rural BnB, is preparing to travel to San Francisco, California, in the United States, in the coming year after publicly stating his intention to leave the comedy circuit to pursue other endeavours in his diverse portfolio.

Carl wants to spread the word about his Tech Innovation Rural BnB because he is a well-known figure in the sectors of creativity and technological innovation.

“I’m on a mission to provide people with authentic experiences of village stays with my Tech Innovation Rural BnB. The Tech Innovation Rural BnB is an online platform I curated to enable individuals to register their homesteads. My commitment to community development has made it necessary for me to embark on an investor tour of San Francisco.

“My primary goal is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the venture capital sector, a crucial investment mechanism that will help drive the growth of his ambitious venture – the Village Innovation and Village cyber city vision for 2025,” he told Chronicle Showbiz.


Carl’s idea of a Tech Innovation Rural BnB posits the power to revolutionise the travel and tourism industry by connecting urban dwellers with rural communities.

The platform carefully selects village stays so that visitors may fully immerse themselves in the culture, traditions, and customs of the area. By giving visitors a genuine experience, Carl hopes to close the gap between rural and urban ways of life and promote economic support for these under-served regions.

Recognising the importance of financial backing to realise his grand vision, Carl is heading to San Francisco, the global hub of innovation and venture capital.

“The investor tour will provide me with an opportunity to learn from seasoned industry professionals, understand the dynamics of fundraising, and forge invaluable connections. Through these interactions,

I hope to bridge the gap between my startup and potential investors, forming partnerships that will enable the realisation of my Village Innovation and Village cyber city vision,” he said.

He is set to take a giant leap of faith. To achieve this lofty goal, Carl is seeking an ambitious US$100 million valuation for his Rural BnB startup by 2024.  —@MbuleloMpofu

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