Cde Chinx burial on today

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Cde Chinx burial on today The late Cde Dickson "Chinx " Chingaira

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The late Cde Dickson "Chinx " Chingaira

The late Cde Dickson “Chinx ” Chingaira

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Liberation war hero and musician Cde Dickson Chingaira known as “Cde Chinx” who died last Friday will be buried today at Glen Forest cemetery in Harare.

Cde Chinx who succumbed to cancer a week ago.  He was 61.

Family spokesperson Mr Dick Chingaira (Junior), yesterday said the decision to bury the musician at Glen Forest cemetery was in consultation with Government.

“After consultations with the State, we decided to bury him at Glen Forest and we are on the same page with the State,” he said.

Cde Chinx joined the liberation struggle in Mozambique in 1975, where he led the Zanla Choir.

Music played a crucial role in the fight against the brutal Rhodesian regime led by Ian Douglas Smith as it mobilised people on the cause to prosecute the war.

It inspired guerillas and the masses into successfully waging a war against the Rhodesians. Through music, Cde Chinx protested the brutality of the Rhodesian regime while motivating the oppressed blacks to take arms and fight the injustice.

Even after independence, Cde Chinx actively participated in the decolonisation of Zimbabwe during the Third Chimurenga (Hondo Yeminda) when Government embarked on the land reform programme.

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