Cde Chinx critically ill

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Cde Chinx critically ill Cde Chinx in hospital

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Cde Chinx in hospital

Cde Chinx in hospital

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A picture of ailing music star Cde Chinx Chingaira is doing the rounds on social media following reports that the “Hondo Yeminda” singer had passed on.

Cde Chinx whose real name is Dickson Chingaira was taken ill to West End Hospital last week after his health deteriorated due to blood cancer.

He has been rumoured dead twice before and the latest hoax has forced his family to release his frail picture while in hospital.

One of the artiste’s wives, Zodwa Chingaira told our sister paper, The Herald that her husband’s condition was improving by the day.

“Cde Chinx is still in hospital at West End. I cannot say much about the illness as I’m still to get enough information pertaining to that. What I can say is his health is improving by day and we hope he will be fine and out soon,” she said.

Before he was admitted, Cde Chinx had tried to seek help from prophets, apostolic faith churches and also traditional healers but to no avail. Early this year, he released an album featuring Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services Civic Education despite his ill-health.

Cde Chinx is married to two wives with 10 children between them.

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