Cde Mohadi meets Bulawayo Zanu-PF leaders

30 Jun, 2022 - 00:06 0 Views
Cde Mohadi meets Bulawayo Zanu-PF leaders Second Secretary of Zanu-PF Cde Kembo Mohadi chats with the party Bulawayo Provincial chair Cde Jabulani Sibanda after a meeting yesterday

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ZANU-PF Second Secretary Cde Kembo Mohadi, yesterday met the party leadership in Bulawayo to listen to their challenges including concerns raised by some members in connection with last year’s District Co-ordinating Committee (DCC) elections.

The ruling party re-introduced the DCCs after disbanding them in 2012.Elections were held in November last year countrywide in all party administrative districts but there were complaints over alleged irregularities in some districts.

Some losing candidates and concerned party members raised complaints with the National Election Directorate challenging poll results and the voting process.

In an interview after a closed-door meeting, Cde Mohadi said they also discussed issues revolving around development in Bulawayo including the city’s prevailing water woes.

“I had a meeting with the party leadership in Bulawayo during which we discussed a number of issues to do with development being undertaken by the Second Republic in the city in line with our devolution and decentralisation policy,” he said.

“The District Development Co-ordinator was part of the meeting and highlighted some of these projects including the water woes in Bulawayo and how they can be addressed.”

Zanu-PF Cde Kembo Mohadi

Zanu-PF has come up with a number of initiatives to ensure that no one and no place is left behind in the development matrix with the Second Republic implementing projects that have a positive impact on people’s lives Cde Mohadi said he also noted that some of the party members were not happy with the manner in which the DCC elections were conducted in some districts.

“I also wanted to see how the DCCs are constituted. We have five DCCs in Bulawayo and today I met two of them and tomorrow (today), I will convene another meeting with two others,” he said.

“I wanted to hear their challenges and how we can chip in as national leadership so that we build our party. I also wanted to do fire-fighting because once you have internal party processes such as primaries you are bound to have infighting and hatred. We are one people who belong to one party, Zanu-PF.”

Cde Jabulani Sibanda

Cde Mohadi said as the party leadership, their task is to give direction and advice in the event of disagreements. “We need to build the party in Bulawayo and as Vice-President I don’t have the answers, but all I was doing was to just listen and give them the necessary advice,” he said.

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