Cde Raj Modi the philanthropist

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Cde Raj Modi the philanthropist Cde Raj Modi greets former Premier Soccer League footballers during the inaugural Raj Modi Sports Gala at Sizinda Grounds.

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Cde Raj Modi greets former Premier Soccer League footballers during the inaugural Raj Modi Sports Gala at Sizinda Grounds.

Cde Raj Modi greets former Premier Soccer League footballers during the inaugural Raj Modi Sports Gala at Sizinda Grounds.

Stanford Chiwanga
APART from his business acumen, Cde Raj Modi is known for his philanthropic work. His strong social responsibility programmes, through sponsorships and incredible donations to needy causes of the Bulawayo Metropolitan Province, have made him a household name in this country.

Cde Modi has committed over $40 000 towards the refurbishment of the derelict Sidojiwe Hostels in Belmont. The hostels are in a dilapidated state as most of the basic amenities are broken down, leaving the 500 occupants living under squalid conditions.

The refurbishment work covers installation of new flash toilets, showers, renovation of laundry rooms, and replacement of broken window panes and repairing of the lighting system at the three blocks. Residents at Sidojiwe use the bucket system in their toilets while over 1 000 window panes are broken and need replacement.

Over the years, Sai Enterprises, a family business owned by Cde Modi, has generated about 1 500 jobs. He is set to create more jobs as he has partnered an India-based firm, Kanti Council Services (KCS) to set up a $7 million solar equipment manufacturing factory in Belmont. And he has promised that the majority of the people he will employ will be from Bulawayo South constituency. The company is expected to employ close to 200 people. He is also setting up a smartphone and laptop assembling plant which will create 500 jobs.

He is big on health issues and has provided free medical care to thousands of people in Matabeleland. He has held two health expos in Bulawayo South – the first one was at Tshabalala Clinic and the second one in Bellevue. On each occasion, four doctors and four nurses attended to the sick. He has also sponsored mobile eye clinics in Matobo, Nkayi and Tsholotsho, and in Maphisa organised a multi-specialty health clinic.

In 2012 Cde Modi donated an ambulance, blankets and groceries worth thousands of dollars to Mpilo Central Hospital. He refurbished the Mater Dei Intensive Care Unit and generously contributed after a fire at the hospital some time ago.

He recently also donated five hectares of land and cooler boxes to vendors in Bulawayo South. In 2015, he donated groceries worth $12 000 to Bulawayo Prison.

Cde Modi donated 600 bags of cement for the construction of the Landa John Nkomo Clinic in Tsholotsho in 2015. In 2016 he gave $5 000 worth of groceries to St Francis Home in Famona. St Francis is a government-run institution that caters for mentally and physically challenged children.

He is in the process of setting up a $100 000-revolving fund to assist small businesses in Bulawayo South. 50 vendors who will be some of the beneficiaries of the fund have already had a business ethics training workshop at his Bellevue Business Complex.

Cde Modi also has contributed greatly to Bulawayo and Zimbabwe sport.
Several touring cricket teams have been hosted by him. In 2014 he sponsored a welcome party for the Zimbabwe Africa Union Region 5 Under-20 Youth Games. He has over the years sponsored the Bulawayo Youth Games teams.

Cde Modi has been the main benefactor of the Heath Streak Foundation which is benefitting hundreds of schools and children in Matabeleland.

It is hoped that Bulawayo South constituency is aware that the heavens have sent them a candidate, who is contesting, not for political gain, but for a platform that will empower him to be more efficient in his philanthropic work.

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