Celebrating the unsung heroes: Nurses, midwives of Zimbabwe Nurses undergoing post-graduation classes at Parirenyatwa Hospital School of Nursing

Midwives and nurses are often the first point of contact for patients.

Their role in promoting health and saving lives cannot be overstated.

In Zimbabwe, they are particularly vital in rural and undeserved areas, where healthcare resources are scarce.

Midwives ensure safe childbirth and maternal health, while nurses manage a wide range of services from preventive care to the treatment of chronic illnesses. Their work significantly reduces mortality rates and improves health outcomes, enhancing the quality of life for many Zimbabweans.

Every year, on May 5 and May 12, the world comes together to honour the tireless efforts of midwives and nurses. In Zimbabwe, these professionals are the cornerstone of our healthcare system, providing essential care to communities across the nation.

The government’s developmental thrust is to leave no one and no place behind. The Health Service Commission is steadfast in ensuring this principle is upheld in the healthcare sector. Through various initiatives, the Health Service Commission is working to distribute healthcare professionals more evenly across the country. The Health Service Commission is committed to improving the conditions of service for healthcare workers to serve in urban and remote areas whilst efforts are made to improve healthcare infrastructure and ensure the availability of essential medical supplies where they are most needed.

Achieving universal health coverage is a significant goal for Zimbabwe. The Health Service Commission is actively taking steps to ensure that every Zimbabwean has access to quality healthcare services.

Enhancements in training programmes for healthcare workers are underway to ensure they possess the skills and knowledge necessary to provide high-quality care. Investments are being made in healthcare infrastructure by the Second Republic to construct and upgrade hospitals and clinics. Additionally, the Commission is focused on strengthening healthcare systems to make them more efficient and responsive to the needs of the population, aiming to make quality healthcare both accessible and affordable.

Improving the conditions of service for health workers is a stated commitment of the Health Service Commission.

The Health Service Commission Secretary, Dr Christopher Pasi said several measures are being taken to enhance the working conditions for midwives, nurses, and other health workers. This includes increasing salaries and benefits, providing opportunities for professional development and career advancement and improving workplace safety and support systems. Efforts are also being made to address workload issues by hiring more staff to reduce the burden on individual workers. By creating a more supportive and rewarding work environment, the Commission hopes to retain and attract skilled healthcare professionals.

Midwives arrive for the Midwives Day celebrations in Highlands

“On this special occasion, the Health Service Commission extends a heartfelt message to all midwives and nurses in Zimbabwe for their commitment, resilience and dedication to duty.

“To all the midwives and nurses, I want to express my deepest gratitude for your unwavering dedication and tireless efforts. You are the unsung heroes of our healthcare system and your work makes a profound difference in the lives of countless individuals and families.

“We celebrate nurses and midwives and acknowledge the vital role you play in promoting health and saving lives. We acknowledge their service, compassion and commitment to caring for others. The Health Service Commission is committed to supporting you and ensuring that they have the resources and conditions necessary to continue your invaluable work,” said Dr Pasi.

As Zimbabwe commemorates the International Day of the Midwife and the International Day of the Nurse, it is a moment to reflect on the critical contributions of these healthcare professionals. Their dedication and sacrifices are essential to the health and well-being of the nation. The Commission honours their efforts and reaffirms its commitment to supporting them in their mission to provide quality healthcare to all Zimbabweans.

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