Chamisa’s departure from CCC a breath of fresh air Mayor David Coltart

Nobleman Runyanga, Correspondent

The pomp and fanfare of this year’s national Independence celebrations were characterised by a rare show of unity as some opposition members joined other Zimbabweans at Murambinda B High School in Buhera District, Manicaland Province, for the event.

This was not the first time Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) opposition party members attended the national event. When the event was held outside Harare for the first time, CCC Kuwadzana legislator, Charlton Hwende, assigned by his then leader, Nelson Chamisa, led a small delegation to the event, which was held in Bulawayo.

Mr Nelson Chamisa

The following year the party was conspicuous by its absence from the national event, which was held in Mount Darwin because Chamisa had defaulted to his childish ways. Embittered by his electoral loss to President Emmerson Mnangagwa in 2018 and 2023, Chamisa has not been attending national events. Only immature politicians childishly use national events to fight political opponents. Only boyish politicians stupidly believe their own lies that national events are Zanu-PF events.

This year’s event was refreshingly different in that a number of CCC leaders and legislators turned up for the celebrations. These included interim party leader, Professor Welshman Ncube, Hwende and Sunningdale legislator, Maureen Kademaunga, among others. With Chamisa out of the picture, having been cornered by the Prof Ncube faction using his own (Chamisa’s) shortcomings and forced to resign on 25 January this year from a political outfit that he formed in 2022, progressive citizens among the CCC freely participated in the national event without fear of reprisals from the childish Chamisa.

In Bulawayo, the city’s Mayor, David Coltart refused to take part in the Independence celebrations citing disrespect for his office by central Government. He was incensed that the invitation to the event was extended to all councillors and not the Mayor’s office. What pettiness! If anyone was disrespected, it was the Bulawayo residents and not the petty mayor.

It would appear that after the criticism of his behaviour, which was not befitting of a civic leader, Clr Coltart mended his ways. He was part of the crowd of people who attended the official opening of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) in Bulawayo on 27 April, by the President of Kenya, Dr William Ruto. One should see an image that went viral with Clr Coltart wearing a beaming smile and an extended hand when he met President Mnangagwa during the occasion. The smile was priceless and it betrayed the fact that he was dying to meet the President for a long time but feared retribution from Chamisa.

These two events demonstrate that not all CCC members are stupid, vile, self-hating and anti-progress. It showed that some of them have seen the light and are taking advantage of Chamisa’s departure from the party to show the world that they are a progressive lot. Clr Coltart is one of the CCC senior members and councillors, who were expected to resign in solidarity with Chamisa but he did not. This showed that he did not follow Chamisa blindly as did former CCC Mount Pleasant and Harare East legislators, Fadzai Mahere and Allan Markham respectively, who resigned from the party in sympathy with Chamisa.

The fact that only two legislators resigned from the CCC in solidarity with Chamisa, proved that his party’s legislators refused to be used by Chamisa anymore. Despite funding their own campaigns, they were unfairly subjected to pressure to resign by Chamisa’s inner circle but stood their ground and refused to be used to fight President Mnangagwa and Zanu-PF using Parliament.

For years, Chamisa has been falsely claiming that he was trying to meet President Mnangagwa but the latter was allegedly shutting the door on him. This is despite the fact that he knows that the President engages with opposition leaders using the Political Actors Dialogue (Polad) platform. Chamisa has proved to the world that he is not interested in Zimbabwe’s progress by barring members of his former parties from attending national events. He has shown that he is not serious about doing his bit in contributing towards the rebuilding and development of this country through insisting on being treated as a special species of the opposition by spurning the Polad platform.

Professor Welshman Ncube

Now that he is gone and progressive Zimbabweans are now in charge of the CCC, the world has already begun to witness a different brand of opposition politics in Zimbabwe. It is, therefore, not surprising that last week, the Daily News reported that Zanu-PF and the CCC had found each other and had started engaging, with early indications being that early discussion centred on a dialogue roadmap.

Zimbabwe is in the process of rebuilding after nearly two decades of socio-economic challenges and this demands every Zimbabwean’s effort. Chamisa’s departure from the helm of the CCC and involvement in local opposition politics was good riddance to bad rubbish as he stood in the way of some patriotic and progressive Zimbabweans in the opposition fold, who stood ready to contribute meaningfully towards the rebuilding of this country.

Chamisa thinks that every aspect of Zimbabwean life should revolve around him. He thinks that Zimbabweans cannot enjoy a better life without him. It is now about four months since his resignation and Zimbabwean life is going on very well without him. He forgets that he is part of the challenges that Zimbabweans are facing because he has out-rightly refused to denounce the sanctions that are affecting the people that he expects to vote him into power. Chamisa has wrecked the MDC-T and the MDC Alliance and were it not for Professor Ncube, he was also on a trajectory to destroy the CCC. He has demonstrated that he is incapable of leading a modern African opposition party.

He is a trained pastor and lawyer. He has failed as a politician despite his much-vaunted youth and claimed popularity, which were thought to be his electoral trump cards. He is naturally more of a pastor than a politician if the surfeit of biblical verses that he posts on his X platform handle are anything to go by. It is time that he tried founding a church as politics and law have proved to be a nightmare for him.


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