Change of VAT rate on imports

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WITH effect from 1 January 2020, the rate of value added tax on standard rated goods was reduced from 15 percent to 14,5 percent. 

What is the effect of the change on imported goods?

 If the goods being imported are subjected to value added tax in terms of the value added tax regulations, they shall be subjected to value added tax at 14,5 percent at the time of importation. 

VAT is charged on imported goods subject to the following conditions: a) The goods being imported are liable to Vat in terms of the Value Added Tax General Regulations. 

b) At the time of importation a bill of entry (Form 21) is used to clear the goods. 

How is the VAT calculated on imported goods? 

The customs duty is added to the value for duty purposes (VDP) to establish the value for tax purposes (VTP).

14,5 percent is then applied to the value for tax purposes to establish the value added tax payable. 

The value for tax purposes on imported goods is calculated as follows: 

Value for customs duty purposes AAAA 

Add Customs duty BBBB 

Value for Tax purposes CCCC 

VAT at 14.5 % ( 14.5% X CCCC) 

Is the value added tax paid on importation claimable on VAT return (VAT 7) 

Any VAT paid at importation is claimable on VAT return provided the importer is a registered operator (RO). 

A copy of the bill of entry on which the vat was charged is used as the tax invoice. 

VAT on imported goods is claimable within one year from the date of importation. 

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