Chasi made  daughter bath in semen, court heard

Sonny Chasi leaves High Court

Leonard Ncube Court Reporter
A PROMINENT black empowerment activist raped his daughter and then made her bath in his semen, a court heard. Sonny Kuzomunhu Chasi, 73, of Richmond in Bulawayo, is on trial at the Bulawayo High Court for killing his pregnant wife and raping his daughter on six occasions.

Chasi’s eldest daughter, Rutendo, took the witness stand yesterday and told how her father forced her half sister to bath in his semen after allegedly raping her.

Chasi allegedly told his daughter he was performing a ritual for the family to get rich. Rutendo, 44, was testifying at the start of her father’s trial before Justice Martin Makonese.

Whisper Mabhaudi, prosecuting, said Chasi was released on July 6, 2013, on home-leave from Connemara Open Prison outside Gweru after serving time for fraud and found his wife, Dorcas Majola, four months pregnant at their Waterford house.

The couple argued over the pregnancy and Chasi allegedly assaulted her and she fled. He went back to prison and was released on November 2, 2013, and allegedly threatened to kill Majola, demanding to know who was responsible for the pregnancy.

On November 15, last year, he picked her from her workplace at a city hotel at about 3PM and allegedly forced her to go for an HIV test at Bambanani Centre.

It is alleged that he took her to an unknown destination where he assaulted her until she fell unconscious while bleeding profusely. He then carried her to the intersection of Lawley Road and 4th Street in Suburbs, say prosecutors.

Chasi made a false report that four men had robbed him and Majola and police attended the scene. Majola died on admission to the United Bulawayo Hospitals.

The post-mortem report showed Majola suffered a ruptured placenta, depressed skull and brain damage. She also lost her baby weighing 2,9kg.

Majola’s death and the subsequent police investigation uncovered claims that Chasi had raped one of his daughters on six occasions in 2008.

The victim, say prosecutors, narrated the abuse to three teachers at her school. Rutendo testified: “My father took some white fluid from his manhood and put it in a bucket of water and told my half sister to bath in it.”

She said when they told their aunt, Nyatwa Madakurwa, about the abuse, she chided them for “exposing family secrets” to the school.
Also testifying, the alleged victim’s former teacher, Prisca Moyo, confirmed that she had approached her saying her father told her he had been instructed by an inyanga to rape her.

She recounted that the alleged victim told how she was ordered to undress and face north, west, south and east before they went back into the house where he raped her.

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