Chevrons to shambles: How the Chevrons crashed out of the World Cup, betrayed the nation Chevrons

Brandon Moyo, [email protected]
It was a week of shame and disgrace for Zimbabwe cricket. A week that exposed the rot and decay in the system. A week that saw the Chevrons fail to qualify for the T20 World Cup from a tournament that featured minnows like Namibia, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya and Rwanda.

This was not just a loss, it was a humiliation. A humiliation that cannot be forgiven or forgotten. A humiliation that has tarnished the reputation and pride of the nation. A humiliation that demands accountability and action.

How did it come to this? How did Zimbabwe, a Full Member of the ICC, become the laughing stock of the cricket world? How did Zimbabwe, a team that once competed with the best, become the only Full Member that will not be at the T20 World Cup, a tournament with 20 teams?

Dave Houghton (with cap)

The answer is simple: incompetence, questionable selection and complacency. Incompetence at the board level, where ZC has failed to provide the necessary support and resources for the team. Questionable selection where players are picked based on favouritism and not merit. Complacency at the coaching and playing level, where the Dave Houghton-led team has failed to perform and deliver.

The coach, the selectors, the players and the board should all hang their heads in shame. They should all take responsibility for this debacle. They should all face the consequences of their actions. They should all resign or be sacked.

The coach, who described the first game against Namibia as the worst he has ever been associated with in a Zimbabwe Cricket jersey, should be the first to go. He has failed to inspire and motivate the team. He has failed to devise and execute a winning strategy. He has failed to justify his salary and position.

The selectors, who have been picking players based on personal preferences and not form and fitness, should be the next to go. They have failed to identify and nurture talent. They have failed to reward and recognise performance. They have failed to build and balance a team.

The players, who have been under-performing and underachieving, should be the last to go. They have failed to bat and bowl with skill and discipline. They have failed to field and catch with energy and enthusiasm. They have failed to fight and win with passion and pride.

The board, who have been overseeing and managing the affairs of the game, should be the ultimate to go. They have failed to fund and facilitate the development of the game.

Innocent Kaia

They have failed to govern and regulate the administration of the game. They have failed to protect and promote the interests of the game.

Enough is enough. It’s time to fix our game. We cannot continue like this. We need a serious overhaul of the entire system. We need a new board, a new coach, a new selection panel and a new team. We need a new vision, a new direction and a new culture. We need a new Zimbabwe cricket.

We deserve better. We deserve justice. We deserve respect. We deserve a team that can qualify for the World Cup and compete with the best. We deserve a team that can restore the glory days and make us proud. We deserve a team that can represent Zimbabwe with honour and dignity.

The team’s plight is a slap in the face for those craving success. With a top order that resembles a crumbling wall, the batters’ consistent misfires have rendered the squad reliant on a mere couple of players to rescue them. Stuart Matsikenyeri, the batting coach, seems clueless as his pupils march back as easy dismissals. What lessons are they learning under his tutelage?

Nick Welch’s debut was a dud, Innocent Kaia’s form wavers, and Tadiwanashe Marumani struggles. The batting coach fails to extract excellence. The bowlers join the charade, their sloppiness inviting opponents back into games. Where’s Steve Kirby when his bowlers falter against minnows?

Every possible calamity unfolds before our eyes. Where’s the pride? The hunger and passion are absent in the players. It’s high time for a reckoning, heads must roll, and culpability must be enforced.
ZC needs an overhaul. Accountability must reign to salvage the game, preventing further disgrace of losing to teams like

Uganda and missing out on World Cup qualification.

Change is non-negotiable. Resignations or retirements should happen; this cannot persist. It’s an insult to all stakeholders. Fans and those invested deserve more than mediocrity. If roles aren’t fulfilled, it’s honourable to step down and make way for those who can. — brandon_malvin

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