Chiefs to assist in birth registration Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Minister Kazembe Kazembe

Rejoice Makoni, Harare Bureau

THE Civil Registry department is working towards ensuring that chiefs are able to assist in the birth notifications and the initial registration process for children born at home ahead of submission to the district offices to ensure no child is left unregistered, Minister said.

Speaking during the commissioning of four buses and unveiling of the Civil Registry logo at the Civil Registry national production centre in Harare yesterday, Minister of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Kazembe Kazembe said the department had started deploying the enhanced Zimbabwe population registry system.

“The department together with other stakeholders is also piloting a project to ensure chiefs are able to assist in the birth notifications and the initial registration process. Chiefs will now be able to formally register children born at home for onward submission to the district offices. This will ensure that no child is left unregistered,” he said.

“The department has already started deploying the enhanced Zimbabwe population registry system which will ultimately lead to the provision of online services. This is the second phase of the same project that has resulted in the efficient e-passport production. This is work in progress contrary to fake social media reports that the department is now issuing online services.”

Min Kazembe commended the Civil Registry for the additional fleet as it will go a long way in reducing transport challenges for the staff.

“I am pleased to commission four buses today. I am confident that this additional fleet for the Civil Registry department will make a great difference in expanding and enhancing the coverage of different routes for our members of staff. Plans are also underway to increase the fleet so as to service the entire department,” he said.

“The provision of transport to staff members comes with several benefits including improved employee productivity together with work-life balance. The buses are great enablers for our members of staff to connect to their work places regardless of where they live. Our workforce should not spend valuable productive time waiting for transport.

“These much needed non-monetary benefits among others, will go a long way in enhancing service delivery for the benefit of Zimbabwe citizens. Non-monetary benefits in the form of transport services also play a critical role augmenting monetary earnings by cushioning workers and supporting their livelihoods. This testifies to the value and importance attached to the welfare of Government workers by the Second Republic.”

The unveiling of the Civil Registry logo was part of the rebranding strategy and ongoing improvements within the department.

“The Civil Registry logo depicts our Zimbabwe Bird for national identity, the red star for the struggle for freedom and hope for peace. It also shows the scrolls which depict Civil Registry records and documentation. The logo also shows two clay pots which depict our heritage and they also portray containers of ink in the past. The green shield at the centre of the logo depicts the Department’s fertility of our land whereas the grey and white lines on the corporate colour which signifies the shield represent water. The feathers or quills signify what was used as a writing tool in the past. Lastly, the chevrons on the scroll are a tribute to our Great Zimbabwe.”

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