Chinese men arrested for sneaking back into the country after being declared prohibited immigrants


Mkhululi Ncube, Chronicle Reporter

TWO Chinese men who were prohibited from entering the country following their deportation last year were arrested last week after they re-entered the country using new passports.

Zheng Jie (58) of Plot number 50 Hope Fountain in Umguza District and director of Jie and Beat Enterprises and Xia Xiao Jun (48) of 12 Castle Court JM Nkomo Bulawayo appeared before Bulawayo regional magistrate Mr. Collet Ncube facing charges of contravening sections 11(1) and (5) of the Immigration Act.

Xia and Jie were arrested on August 15, 2022, after entering the country through Plumtree Border Post. They were convicted and deported back to China.

They were declared prohibited immigrants.

According to court papers, instead of appealing against the prohibition notice, Xia and Jie acquired new passports and returned to the country on December 30 last year through Plumtree Border Post.

They were arrested at the immigration offices while trying to extend their stay in the country.

The two accused persons through their lawyer, Mr. Khulekani Sibanda of Mathonsi Ncube Law Chambers, applied for bail pending trial, and the ruling is expected today.

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