“Christmas Around the World play” to showcase themes of love, redemption, children’s rights Cast for "Christmas Around the World" play

Natasha Mutsiba, [email protected]

 AS the holiday season approaches, theatre enthusiasts will be in for a rare treat as a play titled “Christmas Around the World” will be showcased at the Academy of Music on December 2.

 The play’s storyline revolves around the happy ever after life of orphaned and abandoned children, showcasing their struggles and triumphs. It showcases themes of love, redemption, forgiveness, children’s rights, revenge, good vs evil, bravery, and survival. It is directed by Khaliphile Sibanda and Mazwi Ndlovu.

Sibanda shared that the inspiration behind the play was to highlight the unfair burden placed on children when they are forced to choose sides between their parents during marital conflicts.

“Putting children in the position of siding with your perspective of the other parent’s problems or the marital conflicts places an unfair burden on them. Children should not have to choose sides between their parents. They need to discover their own truths without your influence. That is part of family life,” she said.

The audience can expect to engage in discussions and ask questions to clarify any confusion and share their experiences if they have been affected.

“There are some questions that are going to be asked among the audience to clarify confusion if there is any. This will also allow the audience to share their experiences if there is anyone affected,” said Sibanda.

Patience Zhou, Rujeko Chavhunduka, Alicia Phiri, Sangelo Dube, Gabriella Mpofu, Lihle Mpofu, Angel Nkomo, Malcolm Nduweni, Kwanele, Farno, Novak Nhuruza, Pinky Zhou, Belinda Gumpo, Nomalanga, and Buhlebenkosi Ngwenya are the cast for the play.

Sibanda said the play also aims to raise awareness about children’s rights and how knowing them can help identify situations of discrimination and abuse of power.

“Knowing your rights can help you identify situations of discrimination, abuse of power, and it can provide you guidance to take certain actions.”

– @TashaMutsiba

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