Mthabisi Tshuma,[email protected]

NON-PROFIT organisation Citizens Against Economic Sanctions Zimbabwe (CAES Zimbabwe) has reiterated the clarion call by ordinary citizens for the removal of illegal sanctions imposed om the country.

The illegal sanctions have caused suffering to ordinary Zimbabweans.

Sadc declared October 25 as the Day of Solidarity Against Sanctions on Zimbabwe and the campaign is coming on the backdrop of growing calls for the illegal sanctions, that were imposed as punishment for the land reform programme, to be unconditionally removed.

This year’s anti-sanctions commemorations are expected to be observed in most African countries as progressive nations join hands in piling pressure on the United States and its Western allies to remove the illegal punitive measures.

Formed in 2017, CAES Zimbabwe seeks to champion the fight against the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe through the Zedera Act.

CAES Zimbabwe national executive consists of Mr Martin Zharare (founder and  executive director), Mrs Tricia Magombedze (principal secretary), Mr Ellison Muchenje (director mobilisation, programmes and logistics), Mrs Slvia Dhliwayo (head women’s desk), Ms Mandie Manezho (head youth desk), Mr Zezai James Katonje (head education), Mrs Julliana Marova (head of finance), Councillor Simphiwe Vuyelwa Mguni (secretary for Information and Publicity), Mr Wallace Matavire (head of Security), Former Mangwe constituency legislator Cde Hlalani Mguni (head of Agriculture) and former Bulilima East Constituency legislator Cde Mathias Ndlovu (head of External Affairs) among other members.

In an interview with Chronicle Online, Cllr Mguni who is also the Women’s Quota Proportional Representative for Mangwe district said the pressure group wants to advocate for the unconditional removal of these economic sanction.

“Part of our objectives is to educate the masses on the negative impact these sanctions have on the lives of ordinary Zimbabweans. In order to spread the call for the removal of sanctions we have embarked on a nationwide anti-sanction campaign. We started the campaign in January this year and in the last 9 months we have travelled and reached every province.

“In each province we’ve held an anti sanction awareness campaign in at least one district, with some provinces like Midlands having been visited more than once. We aim to continue this programme until all citizens of Zimbabwe are united in the call for the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe to be removed, we hope this will lead to the sanctions being subsequently removed,” said Cllr Mguni.

She urged the younger generation to join forces in the fight as there are the future beneficiaries of the country’s development.

“Our organisation promotes the involvement of youth and ensures that youth is at the forefront of the fight against economic sanctions in Zimbabwe. We have a youth wing at national, provincial and district level. We also have youth across all of the 10 provinces incorporated into key positions in our main wing, for example I’m 28 years young and I’m responsible for the key office of Information and publicity at a national level and in Matabeleland South we have a Secretary General for the provincial main wing named Primrose Moyo who is within my age group.

“Full participation of the youth is encouraged as we are the generation hardest hit by the negative effects of the economic sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe. A great majority of us have never seen, and/or cannot recollect an economically sound Zimbabwe, we long for a prosperous Zimbabwe with unlimited possibilities for economic growth, this can only be achieved through the unconditional removal of the sanctions imposed on us,” said Cllr Mguni.

She called on all Zimbabweans to stand up in this month to commemorate the Anti-Sanctions Day.

“The leaders of our organisation have been the main patrons of this organisation.

“We welcome any additional patrons with open arms and call upon fellow Zimbabweans to stand up and unite for the betterment of our country,” said Cllr Mguni.-@mthabisi_mthire

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