NEW: Civil servants have no justification to strike anymore

14 Feb, 2022 - 17:02 0 Views
NEW: Civil servants have no justification to strike anymore

The Chronicle

Bongani Ndlovu, Online Reporter

CIVIL servants have no justification to resort to industrial action as it has responded to their demands using the resources that are available, the Secretary for the Public Sector Trade Unions Mr David Dzasunga has said.

Treasury announced a 20 percent salary increase for all civil servants plus an additional US$100 cash allowance, as well as school fees allowance among other non-monetary benefits.

This follows intervention by President Mnangagwa in the wage impasse after he directed that the conditions of service for public sector workers be reviewed with immediate effect.

Civil servants welcomed the new salary regime announced by the Government, which will see part of their wages being paid in foreign currency with several other non-monetary benefits.

In an interview with Zimpapers Television Network, the Secretary for the Public Sector Trade Unions Mr David Dzasunga said there was no reason for civil servants to declare incapacitation.

“We believe that these new measures will certainly make it difficult to justify incapacitation. With US$175, the RTGS component could amount to an extra US$100 and we are looking at US$375 for the lowest worker on the current obtaining parallel market rate. I believe that US$375 should be enough, it’s not good enough, it’s not the best, but it should be enough for someone to get to work,” said Mr Dzasunga.

He said they were in negotiations with Government over the suspension of teachers.

“We had a fall out on the Government side with the threat to punish teachers who didn’t travel to their workstation because of incapacitation.  They have genuine problems of incapacitation and the divide was too wide between the poverty line and their income,” said Mr Dzasunga.

Also speaking to ZTN, Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Paul Mavhima said because of the impasse learners were the ones suffering.

“It’s almost a matter that is sub judice because there are now court challenges and other things like that. It’s not proper for us to be dragging each other through the courts and it’s not proper for the learners of this country to not be attended to as the Government is making frantic and very genuine efforts to improve the conditions of service of the workers. I would appeal to everyone to really maintain a position of rationality so that we can move our country forward,” said Minister Mavhima.


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