Civil servants motor vehicle scheme starts

17 Jun, 2019 - 00:06 0 Views
Civil servants motor vehicle scheme starts Dr Vincent Hungwe

The Chronicle

Nqobile Tshili, Chronicle Reporter 

CIVIL servants can now start applying to benefit from the free vehicle import scheme as part of its undertaking to offer non-monetary benefits to its workers, Public Service Commission (PSC) chairperson Dr Vincent Hungwe said yesterday.

 The scheme comes as a huge relief for civil servants at a time when vehicle importers are expected to pay import duty in foreign currency.

In a statement, Dr Hungwe said civil servants should submit their applications for consideration.

 “This circular is issued by the Public Service Commission, pursuant to the introduction of rebate of duty of motor vehicles imported by members of the civil service and service commissions. The rebate on motor vehicles has been afforded to members of the civil service and the service commissions as part of a raft of measures that have been introduced by the PSC to improve on non-monetary benefits. The members shall submit an application to the Head of Ministry requesting authority to import a vehicle under the scheme,” said Dr Hungwe.

He said the Head of Ministry would then assess whether each applicant qualifies for the car import scheme.

Dr Hungwe said one of the conditions that civil servants who will benefit from the scheme must meet include the need to have served the Commission for a decade. 

“The head of Ministry should assess whether a member meets the following conditions before any recommendation letter is granted: that the member has served at least 10 years of continuous service in the Public Service or Service Commissions. Except in cases approved by the commission, must have a valid driver’s licence and in case of a member living with disability a valid driver’s licence of a designated driver,” he said.

The PSC chairperson said applicants should not have benefitted from the car scheme within a period of five years prior to submission of their application.

Dr Hungwe said after the Head of Ministry has proved an application, it would be sent to the PSC for clearance.

“Once clearance has been granted, the PSC shall forward the recommendations to Treasury for concurrence. After Treasury concurrence has been granted, the member may proceed to import a suitable vehicle as guided,” he said.

 Dr Hungwe said cars that can be imported should have been manufactured within 10 years and less than US$ 10 000 in value.

 “Please note that the grant of the rebate of duty on the motor vehicles purchased shall be revoked immediately when a member resigns or is discharged from Public Service before the expiry of five years from the date when the rebate was granted. Such members will immediately be liable to duty for the vehicle,” said Dr Hungwe. – @nqotshili

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