Class in session for film makers at Intwasa

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Class in session for film makers at Intwasa Alex Gwaze stresses a point during the session

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Mbulelo Mpofu, Boitumelo Makhurane, Showbiz Reporters
JUST a stone throw from the entrepreneurial hustles at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF), the Intwasa Arts Festival KoBulawayo on Wednesday saw budding film makers being schooled under the theme: “Film Making Masterclass: Production and Distribution.”

A plethora of producers, editors, actors and directors converged at the Zimbabwe Music Academy workshop that opened its doors for upcoming personnel in the big screen industry.

Among participants were some of the industry’s best, including Intwasa director Raisedon Baya and renowned actor Zenzo Nyathi. The event facilitated by filmmaker, Alex Gwaze was meant to equip young and upcoming film producers with expert knowledge and what to expect from the industry.

“The Zimbabwean film industry is growing but there is room for improvement since there is lack of experience with the new breed of film makers. Most of the veteran film producers have left the country for greener pastures and this has left a void within the industry as the younger crop has to find its feet without expert guidance,” commented Alex  Gwaze.

“Film makers are people who make films, not merely talk about them. Most of the time, people tend to talk about films, not make them and that is not the proper definition of film making,” Baya advised participants.

Participants jotting down some notes during the session

As part of the learning process, participants had to critique short films that were shot by fellow young film makers so as to get into grips with what film is all about.

Part of the films that were showcased include Salima Mungani’s Haddasah, Idle Minds, directed by Lance Godo, and some documentaries that tackled societal issues to do with Covid-19, tourism and gender-based violence.

Most of the films were produced by Accountability Lab Zimbabwe, in conjunction with Magamba Network.

Yesterday saw the National Gallery of Zimbabwe (NGZ) being home to a book launch and public reading event.

While that played out, the Zimbabwe Academy of Music screened Date Night and Mlamu Wami, two short films.

To cap Thursday night, was a moving picture called Footprint at Bulawayo Theatre.

#Umjolo and The Hen That Came Home to Roost, were enacted through sound and video at the NGZ.  — @eMKlass_49/@Boity104

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