Collaboration will revive Bulawayo industrial base

Business Writer

THERE is a need for close collaboration among key economic players in Bulawayo and constant sharing of strategies that will drive the re-industrialisation of the city as it moves towards regaining its status as the country’s industrial hub.

In his address during an engagement with Matabeleland captains of industry and officials from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce in Bulawayo today, the deputy minister Mr Roy Bhila said he was confident that the exchange of knowledge would serve as a catalyst for creating a more conducive environment for private sector operations.

“My desire is that we seamlessly continue to replicate these kinds of engagements going forward as we seek to rebuild and bring Bulawayo to its former glory as the country’s industrial hub,” he said.

“As we seek to re-industrialize Bulawayo, let me call upon all the economic players, including government, private sector, local communities and development organizations to work incessantly, towards creating a conducive environment for investments, job creation and social progress.

“Let us optimise and capitalise on the Province’s location as it lies along the North-South Corridor, to enhance connectivity and stimulate economic diversification.”

The deputy minister added that engagements with industry players are vital for the development of appropriate industrial policy frameworks and sector-specific strategies will help to transition from being commodity-driven to an investment-driven and ultimately a knowledge-driven economy.

“Your presence here reflects the strong commitment and shared vision of fostering strong collaborations between the public and private sectors, which is essential for the sustained economic development of our country.

“We are cognisant of the fact that the private sector is the engine for growth that is why, under the Second Republic, the thrust is to pursue a Private-Sector-Led approach.

He said invaluable insights and thought-provoking proposals shared will shape and assist the Government in developing evidence-based policies, to tailor the needs for our local industry.

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