COMMENT: A crime free neighbourhood is achievable

THE anti-crime campaign that the Bulawayo police have launched alongside the residents of the city is a brilliant initiative that should be supported wholeheartedly by everyone who cares about the safety and security of their neighbourhoods and communities. 

The Crime Liaison Committee that has been set up to spearhead this campaign is a unique and innovative concept that seeks to ensure that every resident of the city is actively involved in the fight against crime.

Bulawayo police have been making considerable strides towards reducing crime in the city, but they have also recognised that they need the active participation of residents to truly make a difference. This is why they have launched the crime liaison committee, which is made up of residents from different areas in the city, who work closely with the police to identify crime hotspots and develop strategies to combat crime in their localities.

Through this partnership, more residents will take an active role in making their neighbourhoods safer. They can do this by reporting suspicious behaviour and provide vital information to the police, which helps to prevent and solve crimes. This is a direct outcome of the local residents’ increased confidence in the police’s response and commitment to making the city safe through its proactive measures.

Bulawayo police’s anti-crime campaign will also foster a sense of community spirit and cooperation among residents, who will now work together towards a common goal. By collectively taking ownership of the safety and security of the city, residents will form closer relationships and stronger bonds with their neighbours. Together, they will be the eyes and ears of the police, providing valuable intelligence and support in the fight against crime.

Furthermore, this partnership also encourages residents to adopt a proactive approach towards preventing crime in their communities. The introduction of crime prevention measures, such as establishing neighbourhood watch groups and community patrols will help deter criminals and improve security.

The effectiveness of this partnership between the police and residents is evident in the significant reduction in crime rates in recent months. Reports show that there has been a decrease in crimes where the crime liaison committee has been active. The police deserve praise for their efforts, and the residents deserve recognition for their active participation in making this initiative a success.

The anti-crime campaign, in partnership with the residents is an innovative and effective approach to combating crime and creating a safer environment for all. The crime liaison committee is a valuable tool in bringing police and residents together in a united front against crime. 

It is crucial that this partnership is continued, supported and expanded to other areas beyond the city. By working together, the police and members of the public can sustainably drive crime out of the city and make Zimbabwe a safer place to work and live.


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