COMMENT: Big turnout for commemorations commendable

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COMMENT: Big turnout for commemorations commendable President Mnangagwa

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THE love for country exhibited by Zimbabweans who turned up in their numbers for the Heroes Day and Defence Forces Day commemorations on Monday and Tuesday respectively is not only commendable but should be expressed in all aspects of life.

Large crowds attended the main events presided over by President Mnangagwa at the National Heroes Acre and National Sports Stadium while multitudes of people visited the provincial shrines and venues.
Ministers for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, on both occasions, read the President’s speech.

This year’s commemorations came at a time when the Government had relaxed Covid-19 regulations and as expected, the people turned out in their numbers for the two events.

Ahead of the two events, President Mnangagwa had reiterated the importance of unity among Zimbabweans as a springboard to national development.

National Heroes Acre

Writing in his weekly column, published in the Sunday News and The Sunday Mail, President Mnangagwa said the 1987 Unity Accord is a key pillar of national peace and stability, and should never be challenged, breached or compromised.

Speaking during the Heroes Day commemorations, President Mnangagwa urged Zimbabweans to defend their country from merchants of doom bent on sabotaging Government’s efforts towards revitalising the economy.

The country, going for elections next year, has of late been under attack from traditional detractors in some Western Embassies working with local political parties and non-governmental organisations to effect illegal regime change.

“The onus rests with every individual and corporate to protect our economy from saboteurs and currency manipulators. The people of our great country shall forever be one with their land. The Second Republic which I lead will forever honour the heroes and heroines of this great country. Present day detractors and looters, in whatever guise, will never ever steal or separate us from our God-given land.

The Land Reform is irreversible,” he said.

National Sports Stadium

“The broad array of programmes by my Government to enhance production and productivity in the agriculture sector is seeing the emergence of new categories of heroes and heroines in this sphere.”

President Mnangagwa challenged citizens to uphold the same patriotism that drove the country’s liberators to wage war against the colonialist settler regime leading to Zimbabwe’s Independence.

“Our collective ancestry has ingrained in us, the resilient and warrior spirit of our forebearers, who were ingenious innovators, builders, explorers, enterprising traders and yes, gallant fighters. Our history is one of deep-seated patriotism, perseverance and ultimately victory. We never give up; we never surrender.

“Zimbabwe has come a long way as a nation born out of a protracted armed liberation struggle, and we have scored victory upon victory since the attainment of our hard-won Independence in 1980. Today, we stand tall among the liberated and independent peoples of the world, as masters of our own destiny,” said President Mnangagwa.

“We are marching on and consolidating our unity, peace and freedom in fulfilment of the collective aspirations and vision of our heroes and heroines. Yesteryear gallant men and women selflessly chose to join the liberation struggle against the oppressive colonial white settler regime. Forty-two years after the raising of our sacred National Flag, we remain motivated to ultimately transform Zimbabwe into a modern, industrialised and prosperous society.”

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