COMMENT: Heaven couldn’t wait for Chief Mabhikwa

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COMMENT: Heaven couldn’t wait for Chief Mabhikwa The late Chief Mabhikwa

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YESTERDAY the country woke up to the devastating news of the death of Chief Mabhikwa of Lupane District, Matabeleland North after he was involved in a road traffic accident along the Bulawayo-Victoria Falls highway on Sunday night.

Born Nicodemus Vusumuzi Khumalo, Chief Mabhikwa was installed on Friday May 11, 2012 meaning he died days after the tenth anniversary of his installation as chief.

The youthful chief was installed six years after the death of his father Chief Edwin Mabhikwa Khumalo in 2006.

The delays in his installation were a result of a long-standing legal wrangle over the succession of Chief Edwin Mabhikwa Khumalo until the courts declared his son Nicodemus Vusumuzi as the rightful heir to the chieftaincy.

He then moved from South Africa where he was based to take up the chieftaincy and become one of the youngest chiefs in the country, having been installed at the age of 18 and turning 19 four months later on September 24.

And now in May, four months before his 29th birthday Chief Mabhikwa, a vibrant young chief, who still had a lot to offer to the community, is no more, tragically losing his life in a horrific accident.

Then it was the year of young chiefs in Matabeleland North Province as Chief Mabhikwa’s installation was followed on Friday June 1, 2012 by that of another young traditional leader, Chief Tategulu of Tsholotsho, then 21 years old.

The following day, Saturday June 2, 2012 a young chief from Tsholotsho, although older than both Chief Mabhikwa and Tategulu, Chief Matupula was also installed.

Chief Mabhikwa had an amazing characteristic of connecting both with the young and old with great humility.

Despite his young age, Chief Mabhikwa’s wisdom and maturity placed him high up there in the list of progressive traditional leaders as he was able to work with everyone.

His leadership qualities saw him appointed to a number of positions including being a board member of the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ).

Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services permanent secretary Mr Nick Mangwana

Reacting to the news of Chief Mabhikwa’s death, the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Mr Nick Mangwana said:

“We learn with grief of the death of  (born Vusumuzi Khumalo) in a car accident. Chief Mabhikwa was a member of the @baz_zw Board.

A very dynamic young chief.

Condolences to his family, colleagues and those whose affairs he presided over. MHSRIP.”

Outside Lupane, his chiefdom, Chief Mabhikwa was popular in different parts of the country, including Bulawayo.

It is for that reason that there was outpouring grief from almost all parts of the country and abroad as the news of Chief Mabhikwa’s death filtered yesterday morning.

A number of people took to social media to mourn his untimely demise with some sharing pictures of moments captured with the affable Chief.

Lala kuhle Khumalo




Lobengula kaMzilikazi,

Mzilikazi kaMatshobana.

May His Soul Rest in Peace

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