COMMENT: Justice should prevail in Kuda Mahachi saga

16 May, 2022 - 00:05 0 Views
COMMENT: Justice should prevail in Kuda Mahachi saga Kudakwashe Mahachi

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THE story of South Africa-based footballer Kudakwashe Mahachi’s four-year-old son, who was scalded with hot water, hogged the headlines last week with counter accusations between the soccer star and his ex-wife as to who committed the heinous act.

Mahachi’s ex-wife Maritha Ndlovu claims that the footballer, who plays for South African premiership outfit SuperSport United, scalded the young boy with hot water resulting in him suffering third degree burns on the head and both feet.

Mahachi on the other hand has vehemently denied the accusations and has gone on to file a lawsuit against Ndlovu.

Maritha Ndlovu

As a result of the severe burns, a part of the boy’s right foot was cut off.

The issue has led to the suspension of Mahachi by his team.

In a Press statement released on Twitter last Friday, SuperSport United said:

“SuperSport United FC has become aware of the serious allegations levelled against our player, Kudakwashe Mahachi.

“The club has suspended the player from all club football activities with immediate effect.

He has been advised to attend to his family & the allegations against him.

“The matter is subject to judicial processes.

The club will make no further comment at this time.”

The story has generated a lot of interest from a cross section of society including the police, clerics, football fans, friends and many others.

Opinion is divided on who could have committed the horrific act on the innocent child with some choosing bias depending on their loyalties.

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However, what matters more than anything is justice for the innocent child who does not deserve to go through the pain, bodily harm and psychological trauma he has been subjected to.

It is hoped that thorough investigations are conducted on the matter and the culprit behind this dastardly act is identified, arrested and prosecuted.

Society has no place for such a person as they belong nowhere else but in a prison cell and for a very long time.

We urge organisations that deal with child counselling to get in touch with the boy’s family so that he receives counselling so that he could reintegrate into society after suffering such an evil act.

The responsible person should be punished, in terms of the law, to make an example to all that such acts will not be tolerated in society.

It is unfortunate that the boy will have to spend the rest of his life bearing scars that will serve as a stark reminder of the hell he was put through at a tender age.

While nothing will restore the boy to his normal self before the burns, delivering justice for him will surely convince him that society and the law are on his side.

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