COMMENT: Kudos to local firms investing in modern technology President Mnangagwa

BULAWAYO industries are on a retooling drive in order to not only increase production but also to improve the quality of their products in line with the country’s quest to achieve rapid industrialisation and modernisation. 

Bulawayo used to be the country’s industrial hub and it is therefore encouraging that the city’s industries are working on regaining this status. 

Many companies are investing in new technology to increase production and improve the quality of their products. A delegation led by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce is on a week-long tour of the city’s industries as part of the build-up to the 7th Sadc Industrialisation Week to be hosted by Zimbabwe next month. 

The delegation which has so far visited a number of companies, was shown how the adoption of modern technology has improved operational efficiency, increased production and improved quality of products. 

One of the companies visited, National Foods, said it had invested in a US$6,5 million automated mill which has increased its production capacity from 240 to 300 tonnes per day. It said the new plant guarantees quality products and it is therefore ready to claim its market share in the region and beyond.  

President Mnangagwa has said Zimbabwe needs to leapfrog its development agenda through science and technology to catch up with other countries and it is therefore encouraging to note that many companies are adopting modern technology. 

The country’s young men and women innovators are harnessing Science and Technology to produce high quality products, thanks to Zimbabwe’s 5.0 education model. 

The universities and other institutions of higher learning are now churning out graduates capable of producing transformative innovations. It is these graduates that are key to the country’s quest to achieve rapid industrialisation and modernisation. 

Zimbabwe’s universities and colleges have already demonstrated that given the necessary support they can address many of the challenges facing the country’s industries. 

We have already stated that technological innovation underpins Zimbabwe’s endeavour to industrialise and create a prosperous economy.  Companies that invest in the development of institutions of higher learning are in fact investing in the country’s future. 

These institutions of higher learning can only produce students that have skills relevant to the country’s developmental challenges if they have the required infrastructure. 

Government realised that it does not have the required resources to put up the modern infrastructure hence it invited investors to participate in the programme. It is industry that requires graduates with relevant skills and there is therefore every reason for industry to invest in the programme meant to equip the institutions of higher learning. 

We want to once again commend companies that are investing in modern technology in order to produce high quality products that can compete on the international markets.


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