COMMENT: Kudos to Second Republic for improving people’s livelihoods President Mnangagwa

ZIMBABWE, like the rest of the world, is saying Goodbye to 2022 next month and it is therefore time to take stock of the achievements and failures during the year. What is exciting is that the nation recorded many positives during the year which have transformed the people’s livelihoods.  

Government walked the talk as it managed to implement many of the planned development projects across all sectors of the economy. 

The Second Republic continues to register many positives in the different sectors of the economy which have impacted positively on the people’s lives. 

Projects to enhance food security, improve health services, reduce distance travelled to schools or clinics, improve access to water as well as improve the country’s road network among others, continue to be implemented as Government works towards the attainment of an upper middle-income economy by 2030. 

President Mnangagwa has urged citizens to maintain or even improve on the development momentum that the country is enjoying now which has seen a complete transformation of communities. 

The country is fast positioning itself as an investment destination of choice in the region and beyond hence the many investors committing millions of dollars to establish new companies in the country. 

On its part Government is churning out graduates from its universities and colleges with relevant skills to meet industry’s demands. 

The industrialisation under the Second Republic is not limited to urban areas but has instead been cascaded to rural areas where communities are taking advantage of their natural resources to start their own industries. 

Government resolved to use internal resources to develop the country instead of just mourning about the illegal sanctions imposed by the West as punishment for embarking on the land reform programme meant to correct the skewed land ownership which favoured the minority white farmers. 

Local companies that have been engaged to implement a number of infrastructural projects have proved that they have the capacity thereby drastically reducing the costs of implementing these projects. 

The nation, through Government’s decision to engage local companies to undertake big projects which in the past was a preserve of foreign companies, has discovered that it has the requisite skilled manpower to implement most of its projects. 

This year has therefore laid a solid foundation for next year’s accelerated development and as the President said, we must keep the momentum. 

Government on its part must continue to create an enabling environment for business to flourish and what is encouraging is that Zimbabweans in the diaspora are now returning home to invest thereby contributing to the growth of the economy.

We want at his juncture to commend the Second Republic for its commitment to improve the people’s livelihoods and urge citizens to complements such efforts by working hard to build their country. Ilizwe lakhiwa ngabaninilo. (Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo).

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