COMMENT: Let’s stand firm and united against illegal sanctions

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COMMENT: Let’s stand firm and united against illegal sanctions Dr Sibusiso Moyo

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THE strides by the Second Republic in turning around the fortunes of the country despite the choking sanctions imposed by the United States and its western allies shows the determination by the President Mnangagwa administration in turning around the country’s fortunes and the lives of the people.

The diplomatic offensive launched by the Second Republic also resulted in the Sadc region, Africa and beyond speaking emphatically against the illegal sanctions imposed against Zimbabwe and calling for their immediate removal.

They argued that the country was turning a new leaf and should be allowed to work of turning around the country without any hinderances.

Sadc member states last year resolved to set aside October 25 and unite in the call for the unconditional removal of the unjust economic sanctions against Zimbabwe, a campaign which blew up and saw the African Union and countries like China and Russia calling for the lifting of the embargo.

As the region, continent and all progressive forces prepare for this year’s solidarity campaign, a number of leaders have called for the lifting of sanctions against Zimbabwe.

At the recent United Nations General Assembly, a number of heads of state including African Union chairperson and South African President Cyril Ramaphosa called on the lifting of the illegal sanctions against Zimbabwe.

President Mnangagwa also used the platform to call for the lifting of sanctions against the country.

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister Dr Sibusiso Moyo on Tuesday said Zimbabwe has recorded a number of successes despite the sanctions.

He, however, highlighted that should the embargo be totally removed, the country would scale greater heights and achieve the prosperity that the Second Republic has sworn to achieve.

“If we did not have these sanctions, despite the problems we are having, we would be flying at this particular time.

“When we have taken a deliberate decision to ensure that we serve our people and that we develop and we are hardworking people and therefore we can forge ahead even under difficult conditions it does not necessarily mean we are out of the global village, we are still a member of the global fraternity and we want to be a member of the family of nations,” said Dr Moyo.

“This has been the President’s call that he wants to be an enemy to no one and a friend to all so that we can be able to trade globally with the freedom we deserve. All that we want is to be given space and to ensure that we access the markets and trade freely and have investment freely on a very competitive basis with all the other nations in the world and that is what the people of Zimbabwe want.

“We are very optimistic that given that opportunity we can be able to deliver and make this country fly.”

The local opposition parties like the Dr Thokozani Khupe led MDC-T and the Professor Lovemore Madhuku led National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) have also added their voices calling on all Zimbabweans to stand against the sanctions.

Dr Khupe’s spokesperson Mr Khaliphani Phugeni said the sanctions should be lifted as they were hitting the general populace hardest.

“Sanctions are hurting the vulnerable members of society and they are not targeted as claimed. We have been told that sanctions are targeted but that is not true,” he said.

“Right now, I am assisting a blind person in Bulawayo who is failing to put food on the table because of sanctions.

We are expecting all Zimbabweans to call for the removal of sanctions.”

Prof Madhuku said the sanctions were in violation of international statutes and should be removed.

“It is about saying that sanctions hurt all Zimbabweans regardless of religious or political persuasion. We use the day to remind the world that we have weaknesses as a country but sanctions are not the best way of seeking to correct us,” he said.

However, the MDC-Alliance in particular, banking on the effects of the sanctions to get into power after their leader Mr Nelson Chamisa’s shattering loss in the 2018 polls, have remained mum on the negative effects of sanctions while some of its members have subtly justified the embargo.

What is clear however, is that despite the impediments of the sanctions, the Second Republic has shown the clearest signs of seriousness in carrying the aspirations of the people through various initiatives aimed at reviving the nation.

It is therefore in the best interest for every Zimbabwean, the region and continent to stand firm against the illegal sanctions that have hurt the country for the past two decades.

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