COMMENT: Mangwe arrest should bring relief to villagers

14 Jan, 2021 - 00:01 0 Views
COMMENT: Mangwe arrest should bring relief to villagers Lisani Nleya

The Chronicle

The people of Mangwe district in Matabeleland South province who have been living in fear following the gruesome murder of an elderly couple at their home last September should be relieved now following the arrest of the suspected murderer.

The suspect, Lisani Nleya (45) is infact the son of Mr Nicholas Nleya (83) and his wife Margaret (78) who were murdered in cold blood and their bodies burnt to ashes.

Nleya has confessed to killing his parents that he is accusing of bewitching him. We do not want to go into details regarding the case as the matter is subjudice.

The arrest of Nleya has however, partially resolved the murder mystery that had instilled fear in the entire Mangwe community. Speaking at the burial of the murdered couple, Headman Zibuyeni appealed to the police to get to the bottom of the murder saying villagers were living in fear following the callous murder.

We want to believe Headman Zibuyeni and his people are now relieved following the arrest of the murder suspect.

Zimbabwe’s communal areas have over the years been regarded as very safe areas hence the murder of the Nleyas at their communal home shocked the entire nation.

According to police, Nleya who sneaked into the country from South Africa, was arrested in Bulawayo following a tip off from members of the public.

This is as it should be. Police can only succeed in apprehending criminals if members of the public co-operate by providing vital information.

We have said it before that criminals live among communities and the communities can only rid themselves of these criminals by reporting them to the police.

It is unfortunate that people no longer respect the sanctity of life hence the increasing murder cases, most of which are over trivial issues. Murder in the past was taboo and those that dared commit murder were banished from communities.

We want at this juncture to commend the police for their sterling work in apprehending criminals including murderers.

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