COMMENT: Public must seriously heed Commander General Matanga’s warning Police Commissioner General Godwin Matanga

THE bold declaration by Police Commissioner General Godwin Matanga on Wednesday that law enforcement agents will not hesitate to shoot and kill all perpetrators of violent criminal activities is a welcome statement to members of the public who have borne the brunt of these criminals. 

Recently, the country has recorded a surge in armed robbery cases where some victims have either been injured or died at the hands of armed robbers.   

We are heartened, however, that the police have accounted for most of the criminals, and the Commissioner General’s declaration gives the much-needed assurance to the public that the law enforcement agents stand ready to protect them from criminals. 

Speaking during the funeral service for the officer-in-charge of Wedza Police Station, Inspector Maxwell Hove (43), one of the three people shot and killed allegedly by former Criminal Investigation Department (CID) officer, Jaison Muvevi, Comm Gen Matanga, said they will pull all stops to ensure members of the public live in a peaceful and crime-free environment. 

Muvevi also shot and killed Crispen Mubvana Kanerusine (62) of Zinzombe Village, Wedza and Munashe Majanhi (20) of Majanhi Village, Wedza.

The suspect, who was arrested in Mozambique and has since appeared in court, also shot and injured another police officer who is recovering from hospital.

Former Criminal Investigations Department (CID) officer, Jaison Muvhevhi

“It is indeed disheartening to note that as a nation, we continue to lose police officers through grisly murders perpetrated by fellow citizens. 

“Without a doubt, it can never be right for any individual not to respect the sanctity of human life. We have also gathered with concern that despite Government’s amnesty on holders of unregistered firearms to surrender them, many such weapons are being recovered at crime scenes,” said Comm Gen Matanga. 

“Those with unregistered firearms would be deemed to have a criminal intent and would be liable for prosecution. Consequently, police officers would not hesitate to shoot to kill all perpetrators of heinous crimes such as armed robbery.”

We reiterate that members of the public must co-operate with the police so that the issue of armed robberies and any form of crime are dealt with. 

And to would-be criminals, the Comm General was unequivocal. The police will not hesitate to shoot to kill.

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