COMMENT: Sanctions, Pharisees will hang their heads in shame

27 Oct, 2021 - 00:10 0 Views
COMMENT: Sanctions, Pharisees will hang their heads in shame

The Chronicle

If we live in a world where truth reigns over lies, United Nations Special Rapporteur Dr Alena Douhan’s visit to the country to get first-hand information on how sanctions have affected ordinary Zimbabweans will bear testimony and liars will get their shame.

Like the Pharisees who brought before Jesus a woman they claimed was caught in the act of adultery, one day liars claiming illegal Western sanctions do not affect ordinary Zimbabweans will walk away. They will walk away in shame, with their heads hanging and tails between the legs.

On Monday, Sadc Anti-Sanctions Day, the United States and United Kingdom embassies in Harare reminded us of the Pharisees of old. Ever excited by lies and trying to trap the speakers of truth.

The Pharisees of new took to social media, mainly Twitter, where they released statements and videos claiming there were no sanctions on Zimbabwe but a few individuals they had condemned to stoning in line with the “laws of Moses”.

Dr Douhan, whose visit coincided with the day set aside by Sadc to call for the unconditional removal of the illegal economic sanctions that have choked the country for two decades, was also not spared from the lies and deceit.

The Pharisees wanted to trap her into “stoning” Zimbabwe’s Government on the “Sabbath”.
Maybe, just maybe, the truth will prevail.

We, however, praise Sadc countries and other friendly nations like China and Palestine that spoke out during Anti-Sanctions Day. Also, much praise to Zimbabweans both locally and in the diaspora – especially in hostile nations – for coming out in their numbers to march against the evil sanctions imposed by the West.

It was also refreshing to see opposition leaders and others who have refused to recognise the Second Republic calling out lies.

Tweeted Professor Jonathan Moyo: “After listening to @usembassyharare in #TwitterSpace hosted by @daddyhope on sanctions, it’s clear US has no case: the discourse has run its course. Ordinary people have suffered the most, exposing US hypocrisy, while regime in Zim has weaponised sanctions against the Opposition!”

Notwithstanding his newly found allegiance to the opposition, Prof Moyo set an example that the likes of Nelson Chamisa and Tendai Biti must follow. You must feel for the people you want to lead, while fighting the Government you want to replace.

Opposition politics is opposition politics. Oppose the Government and not the people!

We pray that Dr Douhan’s report commits to the truth and calls out lies.

Prior to her Bulawayo tour, the MDC-Alliance once again stage-managed violence against opposition leaders. This strategy is now old and boring, Western donors need to invest more in their scriptwriting and the MDC-Alliance’s delivery.

But in the long run, lies will get tired for they have very short legs. Eventually, the Pharisees will hang their heads, tuck in their tails and walk away.

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