COMMENT: The Church should play its role in the pursuit of rapid socio-economic development President Mnangagwa

PRESIDENT Mnangagwa said the obligation to build, modernise and industrialise Zimbabwe falls on all Zimbabweans and as such the Church should play its role in this pursuit of rapid socio-economic development. 

The President who was speaking at the 25th Episcopal (Silver Jubilee) Ordination Anniversary of Archbishop Robert Ndlovu of the Roman Catholic Church, Harare Diocese on Saturday, said the Church must take advantage of the economic opportunities being presented by the Government to drive development. 

President Mnangagwa said he was very confident that the unity of purpose between Government and the Church will deliver results. 

“I invite the Church, collectively and as individuals to take up economic opportunities availed through the policies of the Second Republic across all social and economic spheres,” he said. 

President Mnangagwa said the Church was a vital cog in the country’s developmental aspirations as evidenced by its participation in developing social services infrastructure, particularly in the health and education sectors. 

He said Roman Catholic schools, hospitals and many other institutions have been instrumental in driving national development imperatives especially in the health and education sectors. 

President Mnangagwa commended the relationship between the Church and the Government which he said had helped foster peace and unity across the country. 

The Church is complementing Government efforts to expand tertiary education by building universities such as the Catholic University. These institutions of higher learning are now churning out graduates capable of producing transformative innovations which are critical to Zimbabwe’s quest to achieve rapid modernisation. 

President Mnangagwa has said institutions of higher learning should transform themselves into centres of excellence in science education.  

The universities and colleges have since taken heed of the President’s call hence many of them have established innovation hubs and industrial parks to enhance innovation, entrepreneurship and research. 

The industrial parks and innovation hubs have created a conducive environment for collaboration between students, academics and industry. 

The Church and industry should therefore, join hands to provide the resources required by colleges and universities. 

It is industry that requires graduates with relevant skills and there is therefore every reason for industry to invest in the programme meant to equip the institutions of higher learning including those being run by the Church.


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