COMMENT: The story of Zimbabwe’s growing economy is real

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COMMENT: The story of Zimbabwe’s growing economy is real President Mnangagwa

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AS Belarus President, Alexander Lukashenko strengthens ties with Zimbabwe during a State visit that ends today, positive stories about the country’s economy continue to roll in.

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko with President Mnangagwa

For starters, the State visit, according to officials, is meant to “strengthen the existing excellent relations between Zimbabwe and the Republic of Belarus” and “the two countries (already) have strong co-operation in political, economic, mining, agriculture and disaster risk management”.

President Mnangagwa and his counterpart are expected to visit the tourism city of Victoria Falls this morning during a historic visit, which is a first of its kind to sub-Saharan Africa by President Lukashenko.

The visit also speaks to the success of the country’s engagement and re-engagement agenda in line with the economic diplomacy trajectory.

It is no wonder that companies like CSC-Boustead Beef Zimbabwe are set to resume beef and canned product exports this quarter.

New CSC-Boustead Beef butchery at the entrance to CSC premises

As we report today, engineers are already on the ground attending to veterinary issues that need to be cleared before the exports can start.

At its peak, CSC used to handle up to 150 000 tonnes of beef and associated by-products annually, and had a yearly quota of beef exports to the European Union (EU) of 9 100 tonnes.

We also report that due to export earnings and domestic foreign currency sales, Victoria Falls Stock Exchange (VFEX)-bound SeedCo Limited recorded a 14 percent jump in volumes in its Zimbabwe business unit.

In a trading update for the third quarter ending 31 December 2022, company secretary Mr Tineyi Chatiza said: “Volume increased by 14 percent over the past nine months compared to the same period the prior year, and by 46 percent compared to the same quarter prior year, helped by ample stocks, exports, record local sales of wheat and soybeans, as well as favourable rainfall projections towards the start of the main planting season.”

The story of Zimbabwe’s growing economy is real. Exports are up, even with new trading partners like the UAE, which proves that Zimbabwe is indeed open for business.

No amount of hate speech and ranting on social media can undo what the Second Republic is doing to the economy. In fact, political parties that want to ride on lies, fake news, and deceit will suffer the consequences during general elections this year.

While others are busy brewing lies, others are fixing the economy. Brick by brick, they are rebuilding Zimbabwe and forging friendships with the rest of the world.

The historic visit by President Lukashenko, which has seen the launch of the Second Phase of the Zimbabwe-Belarus Agricultural Mechanisation Programme, is certainly not the last of such State visits.

Naysayers should get used to the confidence the rest of the world has in Zimbabwe.

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