COMMENT: Zimbabweans must go for order and progress and shun chaos and disorder during polls Mr Nelson Chamisa

THE lack of structures continues to haunt the Mr Nelson Chamisa-led Citizen’s Coalition for Change with its candidate selection exercise in Bulawayo at the weekend rocked by chaos. 

The failure by Mr Chamisa to control his party betrays a fundamental flaw in the opposition leader in terms of order and governance leaving many wondering how he thinks he can run a country when he is failing to manage his party. 

According to weekend reports, some prominent names were left out from the candidates’ list ahead of the August polls on the basis that they were not recalled from Parliament by MDC leader Mr Douglas Mwonzora.

However, a select few who had not been recalled by Mr Mwonzora survived the chop and were given the green light to contest. 

While we hold no brief for any member, the approach shows a great inconsistency on the part of Mr Chamisa when it comes to matters of principle.

Instead, he has been outed, even by his own supporters, as a divisive leader fond of factionalism and in the case of Bulawayo, fanning tribalism. 

In May 2019, also after a chaotic provincial congress in the run-up to the then MDC-Alliance main congress, Mr Chamisa’s supporters accused him of bias. 

The disgruntled party members painted graffiti at the party’s provincial offices denigrating Mr Chamisa for alleged dictatorship and tribalism.

Some of the messages written on the walls and gate to the party provincial office included, “Chamisa ule nketha betshabi (Chamisa you are tribalistic), “Chamisa usubulele i MDC” (Chamisa you have destroyed MDC), “Chamisa a worse dictator”, “Chamisa uyadelela” (Chamisa you are disrespectful) among other derogatory and inflammatory messages.

The same chaos Mr Chamisa was denigrated for in May 2019 as leader of MDC Alliance is the same that played out at the weekend and now as leader of CCC. 

This shows that chaos follows Mr Chamisa under whatever name he gives to any organisation that he leads. 

While Mr Chamisa’s CCC is self-destructing, the ruling Zanu-PF on the other hand is stepping up preparations for the elections.

President Mnangagwa met the party’s candidates in Gweru yesterday as the ruling party oils its campaign machinery. 

The party also stands firm on its structures all over the country under the leadership of President Mnangagwa.

President Mnangawa

Already the candidates have been resourced with vehicles to conduct campaigns across the country on the back of smooth processes that led to their selection. 

Importantly, while chaos and divisions have become synonymous with Mr Chamisa’s politics, President Mnangagwa has not only preached  peace and unity but has also lived by his philosophy of leaving no one and no place behind in the country’s development trajectory. 

It becomes easy, therefore, for  Zimbabweans to go for order and progress and shun chaos and disorder. 

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