COMMENT:Voter turnout signals landslide victory for Zanu-PF Cde Mike Bimha

THE turnout by Zanu-PF members in the primary elections at the weekend not only proves the revolutionary party’s massive support base but also signals its landslide victory in the forthcoming elections this year. 

Even the urban centres, long associated with the opposition, saw multitudes of people taking part in the Zanu-PF internal polls proving the success of the party’s mass mobilisation exercise. 

The high turnout by members resulted in the party extending the primary elections held in eight provinces from Saturday to yesterday. 

Masvingo and Midlands provinces held their primary elections yesterday. 

 All results will be officially announced at the National Command Centre at the party headquarters this week, once voting closes and due processes have been followed.

Addressing a press conference at the party’s headquarters on Saturday, Zanu-PF national political commissar Cde Mike Bimha said the internal polls, which are a preparation for this year’s general elections, had been conducted in a peaceful manner.

“This demonstrates the organisational capacity and capability of our tried and tested revolutionary party. All things considered, this primary election is geared to be a great success,” he said.

Cde Bimha urged the party’s structures to ensure that all its members are well catered for and recorded in cell registers.

“We are expecting 4,3 million registered card-carrying party members to vote in this primary election. 

“We also received reports from our various Provincial Command Centres indicating that a significant number of our supporters could not vote because they were not captured in the voters’ rolls (cell registers).

“With this in mind, we urge our party structures to capture these supporters as we march towards reaching the five million  voters target in the forthcoming 2023 harmonised elections,” he said.

Zanu-PF national spokesperson Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa said the party’s leadership was focused on ensuring that its members’ expectations are met.

Zanu PF spokesperson Ambassador Christopher Mutsvangwa.

“We always boast that Zanu-PF is there to rule by the consent of the people. 

“Here we are today in the Second Republic in the openness agenda championed by President Mnangagwa, extending democracy to the grassroots level of this massive party of the Zimbabwe revolution,” he said.

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