Congratulations for new team

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Congratulations for new team

The Chronicle

PREMIER Soccer League: “The Premier Soccer League chairman, vice chairman, board of governors and clubs would like to congratulate Messrs Felton Kamambo and Gift Banda on their recent election as Zifa president and vice-president respectively. We also congratulate the newly elected Zifa executive committee members. We wish the Zifa executive and the general assembly members all the best.”

Former women’s football boss Miriam Sibanda commenting on Hope Chizuzu’s Facebook timeline said: “Finally, we have come full circle. Thank you for getting us to embark on the journey. I can only pray that the new leadership are servant leaders who genuinely want to see the game develop. Indeed they must be wary of the supposed kingmakers of Zimbabwean football. These so-called kingmakers and councillors can make or break the game’s recovery plan.”

Tarisai Peter Kaseke: “All the best to the new Zifa executive committee. It’s a new era for Zimbabwean football. With Farai Jere alongside, we are hoping for the best.”

Faith Silandulo Dube: “Thank you Zifa councillors! Amhlophe to the new Zifa board! Breath of fresh air for Zimbabwean football.”

Bishem Mugumisi: “Thanks for conceding defeat Mr Phidza, you showed maturity, you win some and lose some, thumbs up to you.”

Peace Madlambudzi: “Respect naturally follows you when you give others chance. We can still hear you loud and clear even if you give advice from the sidelines!”

Harold Lusewe: “Wow…they say there is always a silver lining in a dark cloud. Good news for a change. Congrats Boss Felton, light will always prevail against darkness eventually no matter the scheming in the dark world.”

Joy: “Chiyangwa and Omega were gentleman enough to congratulate the winners of the Zifa elections, something that is rare in Zimbabwean politics where the results are alleged to be rigged at every loss. That alone has brought relief. However, the two men had no knowledge of football, but won the previous Zifa election by paying bribes to councillors. The committee that disqualified Kamambo should be investigated as well because they will do it again if they are paid more in bribes.”

Lot Chitakasha: “Congratulations are in order; yes, make the manifestos the point of reference. I hope that the new team delivers on their promises. Let football be the winner!”

Isaya Chinyere: “Congratulations to the winners… improve our football administration that’s all we ask”.

Titus Mupfururiwa: “Football has won.”

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