Continue paving the way dad, Mukudzeyi Jnr sings

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Continue paving the way dad, Mukudzeyi Jnr sings Mukudzeyi Junior

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Jah Prayzah’s legacy is in safe hands! Within four hours of Mukudzeyi Jnr’s debut song, Rovai Ngoma’s release, it had amassed over 18 000 views on YouTube with those who have listened to it hailing the up-and-coming musician.

Mukudzeyi Jnr, Jah Prayzah’s first bon son released his first song on Wednesday afternoon after years of showing eagerness to follow in his father’s footsteps.

He had been making cameo appearances at some of Jah Prayzah’s shows, using any opportunity presented to him to show his singing prowess on the mic. Of late, he was being made a star attraction on some of his father’s music videos with an Instagram account having been opened in his name.

Listening to Rovai Ngoma, it is clear Mukudzeyi Jnr is a product of Jah Prayzah as his voice is similar to that of his father.

On the song, he pleads with his father to continue paving the way for him as he is the one who inspires and motivates him, something which is clearly evidenced by his preferred hairstyle, dreadlocks which his father has.

“Rovai Ngoma daddy, kana ndiri ndega handigone. Makati musoro hatigeri, tsvimbo hatidzori. Ndakatukura Mukombe nekuti ndiri mwana wamukombe. Ndoda kuti mundione,” sings Mukudzeyi Jnr.

Commenting on the song on Nash TVs YouTube account, most hailed Jah Prayzah for supporting his son’s music ambition.

I wish most Zimbabwean parents would nurture their children’s talents at an early stage,” commented one Evie Manhanda.

This child is very talented. I’m really in love with his song. Even the way he moves really shows a lot. JP is doing very well in grooming the kid.”

“Like father, like son, pure star in the making,” commented some.

Considering that his father has own studio, Mukudzeyi Jnr can expect more music from him as the kid is hungry to follow in his father’s footsteps.

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