Cop arrested for stealing from President Mnangagwa’s farm

Michael Magoronga
[email protected]

A POLICE officer allegedly stole copper cables and solar panels from President Mnangagwa’s Precabe Farm and neighbouring Brownland Farm.
Musa Mukuli (40) a police intelligence member based at the Nehanda police camp allegedly stole copper cables from the two neighbouring farms in the Sherwood Block while in the company of three other accomplices who are on the run.
After stealing copper cables from Precabe Farm, he ran out of luck when he attempted to steal the solar panels from the neighbouring farm and was arrested by alert security details.
Mukuli has since appeared before Kwekwe Magistrate Ms Samukelisiwe Gumbo for contravening provisions of the Electricity Act. He was remanded in custody to 22 September.
According to the State, on 7 September Mukuli and three accomplices, Brandon Ncube, William Wurayayi and one Jameson went to Precabe Farm where they stole copper cables from a water pump house.
While in the act, they were interrupted by alert security details but three others managed to escape. The security details managed to apprehend Mukuli who, however, wrestled with and overpowered the security details until he managed to escape.
On 14 September at around 11 PM, the gang connived to steal solar panels from Brownland Estate Farm.
“The four accused persons went to the mentioned farm and removed and took 3×335 watts solar panels supplying power to the borehole. They hid the panels in a nearby bush,” the court heard.
“They were, however, spotted by the security details from neighbouring Precabe Farm who tracked them down.”
As they attempted to board their getaway Honda Fit vehicle, the security details pounced and managed to apprehend Mukuli while three others escaped.
Interviews led to the recovery of the solar panels hidden in a bush near the scene and linked them to the copper cables theft.
The security details referred Mukuli to the Criminal Investigation Department in Kwekwe leading to his subsequent appearance in court.
Ms Michelle Daraja represented the State.

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