Court refuses to protect woman from husband’s lover

23 Feb, 2015 - 04:02 0 Views
Court refuses to protect woman from husband’s lover

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nyundoThubelihle Mabhena Court Reporter
A Bulawayo magistrate has dismissed an application by a woman who wanted the court to bar a “small house” from having an affair with her husband.Estelle Bazaya hauled her husband’s mistress Qondani Dube of Makokoba to court seeking a protection order barring her from having an affair with Gerald Bazaya.

Bazaya of Mzilikazi on Friday told Bulawayo magistrate Evelyn Mashavakure that she had caught Gerald red-handed several times committing adultery with Dube.

“Your worship, Dube has been having an affair with my husband since last year and I have caught them several times in sexually compromising positions and Dube would run away. I even saw them together two weeks ago and l took photos as proof,” said Bazaya.

“My husband has admitted to the affair every time l catch them together. Dube has even taunted me saying that l will contract diseases because when she has sex with my husband, they don’t use a condom.”

She said she was scared she would contract HIV and was applying for a protection order that will stop Dube from having an affair with her husband.

“Your worship, I was having an affair with her husband but the relationship ended. I’ve never told her that she will contract a disease and she should instead control her husband because he’s the one who is pursuing me,” said Dube.

Magistrate Mashavakure advised Bazaya to approach the civil court and claim adultery damages since she has the pictures of Dube and her husband together as proof.

“It seems these are matters of the heart and maybe your husband is the one at fault because he’s pursuing Dube. If she was threatening you or sending abusive text messages then l could’ve granted you a protection order,” said Mashavakure.


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