CSL pushes for electoral amendments

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CSL pushes for electoral amendments

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Lovemore Zigara in Gweru
THE Zifa Central Soccer League (CSL) has moved a motion to amend the association’s electoral code particularly the appointment of commissioners ahead of Zifa’s annual general meeting.

CSL wants an amendment so that members of the electoral committee can assume duty soon after their election.

Under the current Zifa constitution, commissioners assume office after undergoing a six-month induction, which means should electoral committee members be selected during the AGM, it would be at least another six months before Zifa polls are held.

A letter seen by Chronicle Sport and addressed to the Zifa chief executive officer confirmed the developments.

“In line with Article 27(1) read together with Article 12(b) of Zifa constitution, we hereby submit our proposed agenda item, for consideration at the next annual general meeting set for the 17th of February 2018. We propose to make amendments to the below captioned Articles of the Electoral Code as provided for in Article 29, in its entirety read together with Article 31 of our said constitution,” read part of the letter.

“Having carefully reviewed and scrutinised the said articles, it is our considered view that the provisions as stipulated can be varied as herein proposed without affecting the due process for any credible, free and fair election. We are also equally mindful that terms of office for the majority of our members stand to be affirmed or otherwise terminated at their respective next annual general meetings set for the first quarter of 2018.

“The same elective meetings have the responsibilities apart from electing the new office bearers, approve budgets and confirm dates when the ensuing league season will commence,” the letter signed by CSL chairman Stanley Chapeta reads.

Chapeta said the letter had been forwarded to the association’s chief executive officer Joseph Mamutse for onward transmission to Zifa councillors for deliberation at the AGM.

“We have moved a motion as Zifa Central Region Soccer League, which is looking at the electoral code where if commissioners are appointed, they are required to take six months to familiarise themselves with the systems of Zifa and the laws that regulate football in Zimbabwe,” said Chapeta.

“Our motion is pushing for these commissioners to start work immediately just like any other Zifa elected or appointed member. It’s all enshrined in the constitution that once you are appointed or elected you start work immediately. If our motion is adopted, there should also be a roadmap which we have also drafted for consideration.”

The regional football body has also come up with a roadmap, should its motion be adopted on the holding of elections.

It wants elections for the area zones to have been held by March 24, while those for provinces and regions will be held on April 28 and June 2 respectively.

An election date for the PSL has not been given, but the Zifa Board polls should be held on June 30.

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