Dance and kill

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Dance and kill

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  • Classmates who killed girl, 12, in shock German murder ‘posted DANCE video on TikTok the day after her death and pleaded for help finding their victim’ after stabbing Luise in quiet village woodlands
  • The 12-year-old victim, who is known only as Luise, was found dead on Sunday
  • Her body was found in woods of town Freudenberg after massive police search
  • Former friends reportedly bullied girl for months before stabbing her ‘in revenge’

The twisted schoolgirls who murdered their 12-year-old classmate allegedly posted a sick video of them dancing on TikTok the day after they had stabbed the victim more than 30 times in a case that has shocked Germany.

The shocking social media videos came to light during a research by a German WELT journalist, who revealed that one of the dance videos was posted on Sunday, the day the victim – known only as Luise due to Germany’s strict privacy laws – was found.

Journalist Dorothea Schupelus said during a WELT news broadcast that she found a public TikTok account which at first ‘looked like a normal account of a 12 or 13-year-old who shares dance videos’.

But the comment section of each video was reportedly flooded with messages asking: ‘How could you do this?’ or ‘I can’t believe it’.

Ms Schupelus said she saw many comments by classmates saying: ‘But she was your best friend’, as well as comments under the video posted on Sunday, the day after the murder, reading: ‘I can’t believe you’re posting a dance video the day after the murder’.

Another classmate reportedly added: ‘When your chair in the classroom was empty this morning, we all knew what was going on.’

The journalist said she couldn’t believe the police, who had been very tight-lipped with information about the murder so far, allowed the 13-year-old murderer to remain active on TikTok and didn’t block the account so users could continue to watch her videos and read the comments.

Ms Schupelus also mentioned seeing many comments indicating a boy was involved and cause of the fight between the ‘best friends’, something many classmates had repeatedly brought up.

Luise’s killer also reportedly posted a video asking for help to find her as ‘she had been missing since 5pm’, knowing exactly where Luise’s body would be found after stabbing her 30 times.

It had previously emerged that Luise was killed by her 13- and 12-year-old friends after she told an adult they had been picking on her for months, according to German newspaper  Bild.

The girls aged 13 and 12 stabbed her 30 times ‘in revenge’ in a forest in her hometown of Freudenberg.

Luise met the 13-year-old friend, who is said to be ‘more reserved than cheeky’ according to Bild, last Saturday at her house in the town’s Hohenhain district, two miles from her own home.

Although they had known each other for years, took the school bus together and were even in the same class in school, it is not clear why Luise and her alleged killer met up in light of the bullying accusations.

Later that day, the 12-year-old joined in and the trio walked to a nearby forest. There, they allegedly stabbed Luise more than 30 times with a knife in a case that has shocked Germany.

Luise’s body was found in the woods the following day, March 12, after her parents reported the girl missing on Saturday afternoon, sparking a massive police search of the area.

The two girls, who were spotted by a neighbour as they were walking into the woods with Luise, ‘made statements about the matter and in the end admitted the crime’, said Florian Locker, head of Koblenz police’s homicide department.

The 13-year-old, who reportedly is part of a patchwork family, is suspected to have forced the younger girl to assist her.

Mr Locker declined to give further details because the suspects are younger than 14 and under German law, children under 14 are under the age of criminal responsibility.

Investigators have yet to locate the ‘small knife’ used in the crime.

After the stabbing, the girls returned to the 13-year-old’s house, where the younger girl was later picked up by her father.

Afterwards, the older girl called Luise’s parents and told them a tale of lies, saying Luise started making her way back home at 5.30pm and wanted to let her know once she had arrived.

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